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August 30, 2012

Review: Reebok Zigtech and ZigLite footwear

Can you believe it’s September?! Already?! With the little ones going back to school many of you parents out there are packing backpacks, filling pencil cases and stocking up on school snacks.
Amidst all the hustle and hustle – don’t forget to make sure your kids are rocking the cool kicks!
I recently had the opportunity to attend a lunch and learn with Reebok hosted by the lovely rock-it promotions where I was able to mingle with some other blogging mommies and learn more about this kids shoe line.
As soon as I saw the shoes I was impressed with the style and choice of colors. Lately ive been into simplicity in a kids shoe and these have just enough going on without being out of control and overwhelming.

Some fun facts:
• the ultra lightweight ZigLite technology features a sleek and light running shoe
• the unique design of the sole provides vertical an horizontal support ensuring comfort from heel to toe
• the multi-surface outsole gives awesome traction

H was lucky enough to score a pair to try. We’ve had our share of shoe issues with his chunky monkey feet (wide!) but they fit just fine.
He ran around outside at the park, the beach and walking around the street and I was impressed with the fact that he didn’t trip once! Rare for a toddler but I definitely attribute it to the sleek design of the shoe and the lightness.

There are no unnecessary design elements which would impede an active kid in his running and climbing escapades!
I’m a fan of these – mostly for the fact they combine style and function so well.
Oh! And they carry the same styles through up to men’s and women’s sizes which is a testament to how well they are designed as I’m seriously considering getting my own pair!
Ya know… If youre into that whole matching thing;)




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