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November 13, 2013

On Needles


Call me a glutton for punishment but we decided to take baby M in for his four month shots and at the same time get H his flu shot.
Vaccinations can be a hot button topic so let’s not even go there, but if you’d like to read a basic overview try this .babycenter article
Both kids have up until today been amazing with the doc and I am so grateful that we happen to have a terrific ped. So I wasn’t overly concerned about the whole thing.
Boy was I in for a surprise!
Baby M was actually great and only eked out a tiny little yelp for his two needles. Could be his chunky monkey thighs helped! I managed to cuddle him back to grins and laughs within a minute.
On the other hand,when it came time for H he seemed perfectly fine and was happy to pick out his Captain America bandaid. But as soon as that needle showed up, my normally super brave boy turned Into a terrified little guy and it all but broke my heart!
I totally turned to mush hearing him scream and say “No doctor don’t hurt me!”
With the shot came crying and clinging until we left the doctors office. I eventually got him in a better place with lots of cheerful chatter, fun activities and being a little more lax on his screen time.
I definitely prefer a needle to a terrible flu but I just hope he isn’t totally traumatized.
Will his next visit to the doc be a scary event for him?
Did I screw up by not doing more to prep him?
Or did I mention it too often and in doing so somehow plant anxiety in his little brain?
The experience made me realize that as a parent you can only do so much to shield your little one from pain and how you lose a bit more of that ability the more they grow. It was easy to comfort baby M but took almost the whole afternoon to snap H out of his funk (doesn’t help he has a crazy good memory and imagination).
In saying that, it’s a lesson in helping develop the coping mechanisms H will need to help himself through “tough” times like these. We read one of his books about a boy going to the doctor and I explained that even though the needle hurt it would make him strong and help him not get sick.
Ugh! Hate needles though.

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