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August 23, 2011

Dog Days Are Almost Over…

I’ve always been a Fall-ish person but I really do love the simplicity of being able to pull on a dress and just go.

With cooler temps approaching I’m finding every excuse to wear all my pretty summer dresses before its time to pull out the sweaters.

Dress – Free People

Sandals – Stella McCartney 


March 17, 2011

Whats In A Bag?

perfect diaper bag

Alot if you’re a momma. Actually scratch that, alot if you’re a woman period.

Pre-babe, I was always a large bag kinda girl.  My go-to for awhile was a large black Balenciaga ‘work’ bag – super light leather, one perfectly-positioned strap and a seemingly bottomless pit for me to stash everything from wallet/keys/phone to change of clothes/shoes/book/magazines (I’m talkin big mags too like W!)

Then came the requisite Marc Jacobs carryall – light tan brown with two straps, great for slinging over the wrist whilst holding a Starbucks in other hand ala the Olsen twins.  Couldn’t fit as much as the Balenciaga but had a great logo’d inside making it easy to find stuff (Whereas in the B, my lipbalm was constantly getting swallowed alive).

A recent acquirement was a brown with gold hardware Linea Pelle messenger-style purse.  Now this one was great for travelling (and in the Domistyle days we did our fair share of trade show schlepping).  With the longer messenger-style strap it was great for a hands-free shopping experience (aka. sample sales where you need one hand for grabbing that coveted pair of jeans and the other for clawing away your same-sized nemesis).  The heavyness of the thicker leather was its one drawback.

These are some of the tried and trues of my bag-life.  Which brings us to today.  Now being a Stylinmommy, I simply couldn’t fathom carrying all my baby paraphenalia around in any old sack.  When V offered to get me a diaper bag to end all diaper bags as my shower gift, the online search began.

Scouring the web up and down I found some I couldn’t get anymore (Stella McCartney for Le Sportsac) some that were too logo’d (Coach) some that were not practical at all (Fendi, not wipeable, cmon, really?!) and some that were just too bedazzled (Juicy Couture).

Finally we found it – the perfect diaper bag for moi. 

Marc Jacobs. Black quilted nylon exterior.  Two knotted straps (perfect height for shoulder carrying or wrist slinging). One longer strap for stroller slinging.  Inside completely wipeable with 2 bottle holders, zippered pocket and black/white interior making it SUPER easy to find anything (Baby screaming->mad rummage in diaper bag->pacifier found in seconds->peace on earth).  Simple and squishy – this bag is my new carryall.  I don’t bother with a purse anymore since everything I can possibly need can fit in here and hey – it matches everything and is gender-neutral meaning H loves it too.

Not only was this a kickass shower gift (thanks again V!) but it has true staying power, the sign of a perfect accessory.  Now we need to work on finding me some cute nursing bras. Tips?!

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