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August 11, 2011

Currently Musing On: Wednesday Adams

I’ve been feeling Fall-ish lately.

I know – how is that even remotely possible with the blistering heat, BBQs and weekend swims?

Well as one who (for better or worse) likes to think ahead, Fall and its whispered promises of layers, boots and cardis has seduced me into dreaming about the perfect black dress.

I’ve totally been musing on Wednesday Adams and I can’t wait to find the perfect long sleeved, black and lacy mini dress.

Here are some picks so far:

elise overland img.

img courtesy

nightcap img

free people img.

Anyways…I suppose I should just chill and revel in whats left of Summer 2011…but I look forward to breaking out the black lace soon!


March 18, 2011

Stylin Second Ep. 3

Shopping with H, met up with J.S and Baby S

Leather jacket – (purchased online┬ádeliriously a week after H was born… luckily fits perfectly!)

Plaid shirt – Urban Outfitters (anything that buttons up is perfect for bf’ing!)

Light grey jeans – Urban Outfitters (love that I can fit back into pre-prego jeans! Hubby breathes a sigh of immense relief at not having to restock entire jean collection)

Sunglasses – Dior, a bajillion seasons ago

Boots – oxblood Hunter wellies

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