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November 24, 2011

The StylnMommy Holiday Dress Guide

If there’s ever a time to break out the heels and glitz its the holidays.  Its great to pair a fab top with some amazing jeans but there really is nothing like a dress when you want to spiff yourself up.  Here are some of my faves from this season:

via $595 CDN

This Alice by Temperley dress has enough sparkle without making you look like you should be hanging off an xmas tree.  I love a rich navy dress too – its subtle, classy and can be worn year after year.

via $115

Silky, hot pink and simple.  Can be worn either as a tunic over leather leggings for a festive night of drinks on the town or with bare legs and heels, piling on the accessories.  Can be found at aritzia or the wilfred boutique.

via $388

If you were lucky enough to snag some of the Versace for H&M collection then maybe you already have this LBD in your dress arsenal.  I like anything black, leather and studded so this is basically the perfect little dress for moi. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to fight the crowds to get anything from this collection.  The conservative tailoring balances out the fact that its (pl)leather.

via $462

Tibi is a great brand for dresses for any occasion.  In fact, I’m wearing one this weekend courtesy of Rent Frock Repeat  to a wedding that M and I are going to.  This black and white Roccoco print says holiday without smashing it over your head.  The back is low cut and sexy and the slightly unusual silhouette gives this dress some edge.

via $278

Speaking of being smashed over the head – if you’re looking to make an impact in a big way then you may as well go green, sparkly and short.  You won’t have any trouble finding a partner under the mistletoe since this dress will be luring em in as you walk/shimmer by.

via $78

I’m still into lace in a major way.  The little sleeves take this Guess dress from skank to swank.  Keep it chic with monochromatic accessories, an oversized clutch and some killer heels.

via $89

It really isn’t a Holiday dress guide without some gold.  If you want to go for the gold but don’t want to stick out like a string of tinsel – maybe choose something like this from Banana Republic.   You can belt it but i’d leave it as is and go for a bit of a flapper vibe complete with bare face and red lips.

via $866

Here is the amped up version of the BR dress.  You’ve still got a subtle gold shimmery effect but its been done in true black swan style with a bustier and a full skirt.  Available at (which btw can ship to Canada in 3 days).  Its pricey but unforgettable.

via $388

For all the Audrey Hepburn types out there, head on over to Anthropologie where you can find this dress and many more like it.  The boatneck just screams for a huge statement necklace and if your feet are tired from all the heels-only events you’ve been racking up, this dress looks super cute with a pair of ballet flats.

via $79

Most of the time I look at Jacob as being somewhere you can reliably pick up some slacks for work. (though who really calls them slacks anymore?! I mean pants.)  However if you have a holiday party at work and changing into a sequin-encrusted gown seems like it just won’t fly, then maybe you could pick up a classic sweater dress.  Worn with opaque black tights and a blazer you can get away with wearing this during the day at work.  When its time to clock out you can breezily take off the blazer, slip on some heels, do a makeup refresher and you’re good to go.  They have this dress in red too but it felt a bit too elfy.

via $717

I’ve been on the search for a gorgeous long gown that isn’t a maxi and still gives the body some shape.  This Free People gown is super sexy while still being long.  It’s got the perfect combination of hard and soft with the metallic bustier top and the gauzy and light skirt.  You could rock these with some converse and you’d still be the belle of the ball.

Hopefully this gave some inspiration towards finding that perfect dress for the myriad of holiday events you’re sure to be attending this season.  Whether its a family brunch, New Years Eve party, holiday dinner with friends or a night out for drinks – this time of year is a major one for getting together and rehashing the year so why not do so while looking frocking great.


November 7, 2011

Rent Frock Repeat: Interview & Discount!

How many times have you

a) lusted after a dress for an event only to despair over its ridiculously over-the-top price tag

b) purchased said dress only to wear it once (too fab and too noticable to be reworn!)

c) worn same LBD to events over and over

Rent Frock Repeat is a Canadian company that has developed the perfect answer to the above dilemmas – you can rent the most fantastic dress for a fraction of the price and never have to worry about wardrobe dilemmas again!   Dresses include Badgely Mishka, Robert Rodriguez, Pink Tartan, Nicole Miller and other high end designers. I had the opportunity to chat with co-founder Lisa Delorme about her company and the inspiration behind RFR.

I read the story on the website – love the inspiration behind the company!  What were some of your initial challenges?

We met at work and started out as colleagues but quickly became friends.  After we both left the company we realized we wanted to do something we could call our own but didn’t know what exactly that might be.  We were invited to a friend’s wedding and didn’t want to buy another dress we would only wear once.  We already had too much of our hard earned money hanging in our closet!  We came across an article in a magazine about Rent the Runway (based in NYC) and when we couldn’t get them to ship over the border we knew we had found the business we wanted to open. That was back in May of 2010 and one year (almost to the day) we opened Rent frock Repeat.

As far as challenges, we both feel that when faced with an obstacle that you have a choice to look at it like the end of the road or something asking you to pause and look at your business or decision(s) in a different way and gain a new perspective.  The one challenge we faced was that we didn’t come from the Fashion Industry and although we both knew our business background would be used 75% of the time we also knew we had to put some time into understanding the business of Fashion.  So, instead of focusing on what we didn’t have we focused on what we did bring to the table and then made a learning plan which included reading, talking to great contacts in the Fashion Industry and studying anything we could get our hands on.  It did help that we were shopping mall and fashion magazine devotees!

They usually caution against working with friends or family – what makes your partnership tick? Do you each have different strengths/weaknesses and how do you separate friendship/business because coming from being a partner myself of a company I find that can be hard.

We are polar opposites.  Kristy is very detailed oriented, meticulous in her approach and I tend to be focused on the big picture.  We naturally tend to appreciate when others are just like us but in business you need your polar opposite!  Since our relationship originally started as a business relationship we sometimes naturally fall back into those roles during the day and when the business day ends and we are heading out together socially we fall right into friend mode once again.  If anyone asked us if we think it is good practice to go into business with a friend we wholeheartedly say yes but still underscore the importance of a shareholder’s agreement and investing a full day in diving into and discussing the particulars of that agreement.

Why dresses? Any plans to expand into other designer goods in the future?

We want to focus on dresses to begin with and make sure we do it amazingly before we head into any new direction(s).   When we do decide to expand, we want to make sure the decision is made properly.  We will most likely stay in dresses and expand this model – for example, we have many requests for plus sizes.  Maternity is another area we are thinking of moving towards since maternity dresses are pieces you don’t necessarily get the same return on in your closet, unlike a pair of good jeans or boots which are investment pieces.  Whatever we venture into we want to ensure that the highest quality garments and premium calibre designers are represented.

How do you decide which dresses make the cut?

A little bit of crystal balling combined with a scientific approach!  We are systematic in our way of buying by making sure we do our research – attending  international fashion weeks, looking at magazines  and putting it all into a spreadsheet.  This way we can review things like “do we have enough of long sleeved, short sleeved, red, black, gowns, cocktail length etc.” By having a good variety in our first year of business we can then take a look at the reports that tell us what styles, colours, designers are performing best and then buy accordingly going forward.

How does your personal styling service work online?

You simply get in touch with us via telephone, online chat or email and we will guide you step by step through the process of styling your RFR outfit.  We have customers sending us photos of their shoe options so that we can help them choose based on the look they are going for.  We will be there with you every step of the way and provide a totally personalized service to ensure you are happy with your entire look.  You can also take a look at our stylist suggestions tab on the site where we give you different ways to style each dress.  Some styles can be worn classic, sexy, bohemian etc and by selecting the look you want we show you how to accessorize in order to achieve that look with the particular dress you have selected (there is even a picture that coincides with each look)!

Where do you see RFR in five years? What is your ultimate goal with the business? 

We want to conquer the Canadian market and then be able to expand Internationally.  Wouldn’t it be great to see a Canadian company when you are travelling abroad? We get excited when we see a Lululemon on our travels – gives us more reason to be proud Canadians!

Well, lucky StylinMommy readers you can take advantage of this fabulous opportunity and save 15% off your first rental for the entire month of November! Use discount code STYLNMOM (all caps) you can use the service for 4 months after however must book by November 30 2011.

I will be testing and reviewing this service for an event coming up November 26th so stay tuned for some exciting photos and review!


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