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May 1, 2011

Fingertoes etc…

Sunny skies called for a rendevous with nature in the park. Found a perfectly grassy spot and proceeded to do some full-on basking.

Hope you all out there managed to find a quiet moment this weekend to just sit back, max n relax 🙂

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April 10, 2011

Yay for Springtime!

Usually the weekends are packed full of errand running and family/friend get togethers.
We took some time this weekend to take advantage of the gorgeous springtime weather and went for a stroll in the park. Baby H was loving seeing people whizzing by on bikes and his daddy kept him happy by throwing random stuff around (sticks, tufts of grass, rocks etc.) Makes you really appreciate the simple pleasures in life to take a few minutes away from the regular hustle and bustle and just…walk 🙂
Only one missing was Sammie!
And yes it looks as though our stroll took us to a highway underpass but we were actually walking one of the largest parks in Toronto…though we didn’t end up making it very far it was nonetheless my fave moment of the weekend.

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