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March 4, 2011

Eye Candy Episode 1

tantrum image courtesy of Marcus Yau
umbrella girl image courtesy of marcus yau
” image courtesy of Marcus Yau

Eye Candy is a space I’ll dedicate to things that I find inspiring, beautiful, oddly intriguing and/or otherwise visually stimulating.

This week’s Eye Candy features a London-based photographer and filmmaker, Marcus Yau.
Stumbling upon his website, I found myself lost in images that are quite moody and yet have a sense of humour and quirkiness.
I felt I was transported into the East end of London – not thrust into a melee of noise, dust and cigarette smoke, but instead given an exclusive peek into captured moments of reflection and stillness. (insert arty pretentious eyebrow raise here)
Anyhoo – check out this talented Eye Candy-maker at
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