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May 8, 2011

Happy Mama’s Day

foxy lady

matching bowl cuts!

mama & I on my wedding day

My first Mother’s Day!  Its been such an unbelievable experience being a mom – as much as I thought I was prepared for it, nothing could really prep me for all the ups, downs and everything in between of having your first child!

Having Baby H has truly opened my eyes to what mother’s go through – the feeling of wanting to do anything and everything for your child and putting their happiness and health above everything else!

My mom has always been such a rock and a strong lady – she has always been a great role model for me.  But I have to say, I don’t think I really could appreciate what she has gone through til I had my own 🙂  Well, Mom, just a big thank you for everything you’ve done over the years, I really hope to be as great a mom to Baby H as you are to me!

And to all the Mamas out there – Happy Mday! May you all be showered with kisses 🙂

my baby & i! (baby wearing shirt by Old Navy, H&M jeans, Mexx shoes; mama wearing h&m leggings)

March 3, 2011

H’s First Love Affair

Jewels courtesty of Foxy (gold earring) and Lalique (heart pendant)

Its a time in every momma’s life when she realizes she is no longer Numbero Uno in her son’s eyes.  Alas the time has come much sooner than I anticipated…

H has fallen in lurve.

His eyes light up when he sees her approaching…he salivates and drools like a madman at her mere touch…he giggles uncontrollably even when she slaps her giraffe gams in his face.

Her name is Sophie.

Now I’m not one of those moms who thinks nobody is good enough for her son but I do feel some trepidition towards this little minx.

You see, it seems Sophie is a bit of a slut roundabout girl.  Everywhere I look I see her gallivanting with other babies.  You would think she needs some downtime but no, shes happily prancing about in every Stokke, Bug-A-Boo and Quinny in sight.  The girl simply can’t get enough drool on her.

I definitely can’t keep them apart though.  H’s eyes will well up and his little fists ball up if I even attempt to sneak her away.  And at the end of the day why would I – she makes him happy.  As much as I may feel she’s an overhyped plaything,who am I to deprive H of his many contented minutes of gnawing.

Is this a sign of things to come? My little guy running around town with the most popular girl around? Lets hope not 😉

Le Sigh.

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