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October 18, 2011

First Birthday Bashola!

made out of scrap paper

Baby H is officially no longer a ‘baby’.  We had his Halloweenie-themed first bday party over the weekend and of course, he had the biggest meltdown of his life at the beginning!  After a few minutes of warming up to all the freaks dressed up in costumed garb he realized it was going to be the time of his life!  And let the good times roll…

dj lance, superboy & batgirl celebrating our first year as a fam 🙂

I’ve gotta say this past year has been many things:  hilarious, frustrating, too short, too long, annoying, enlightening, enjoyable, sleepless…but most of all this year has been the most rewarding of my life.  H is a total ham and cracks me up all the time.  He is also one of the most impatient and stubborn people I’ve ever met in my life.  The year flew by and hubby and I are looking forward to everything coming up ahead while trying to savour the moments!

When you throw costumes, parachute/balls, a Justin Bieber pinata, an Uncle in drag,  tons of cheesy dollar store decor,  yummy food (and okay, a lil alcohol) in the mix you end up having a pretty darn tootin’ time.  H was all smiles and loved his first taste of cake.

H with some of his pals...cuteness

smores on a stick...will post easy peasy recipe

loot bags are always fun

photobooth fun

skully cuppies

yaaaa! partayyyyy

September 6, 2011

Love Letter to Autumn

my very own little pumpkin spice latte

What can I say except I have been majorly crushing on you for as long as I can remember.

Summer is the popular kid in school.  Winter’s the underdog.  Spring is like the nerdy yet kinda cool hottie with glasses.

But none of them can compare to you.

I love the perfect temperatures that you bring.  The crisp breeze and clear skies are a godsend for a sweaty betty like myself.

My all-time fave Starbucks drink, the PSL (pumpkin spice latte for all you Timmies’ drinkers) is back with a vengeance when you’re around and this makes me one happy camper.

Speaking of camping…

The clothes!  My fall wardrobe is essentially an interchangeable mix of long tank/henley, skinny jeans (this year will throw in some high waisted flares for flavour) thin wrappy-like sweater or cardi and leather jacket with Fryes.  As much as I deviate from this it is a tried and true formula and it is my absolute favourite way of dressing for which I have you to thank.  Think:  clothes you can walk off into the woods in – plaids, leathers, greys, wools…(okay fine, perhaps more of a park than a wood…wouldn’t want to get an acorn stuck in that new cashmere)

Fall you are so awesomely awesome because you include our Anniversary, Mom’s bday, Doggie’s bday and now Baby H’s bday.  Ah yes and Hallowe’en which is especially exciting when you have a lil goblin to dress up.

You make it somehow more excusable to consume more baked goods.  And for some reason I always associate french onion soup with Fall.  Oh yes, and port.  Okay so I think for some reason, you turn me into something of a glutton.  Perhaps we will call this training for the holidays.

You are in essence the perfect season and luckily in Canada we actually get an Autumn – I plan on revelling in every leafy moment of you!

Cheers and I raise my PSL to you!

Love, Me – SWAK x




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