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June 3, 2011


March 2, 2011

Hair crisis – Alice Dellal, help!

hairstyle to come?

So as with many a new momma, my hair has taken a backseat to other more pressing matters (diapers, baby’s first cold, showering etc…)

I’ve had tons of hairstyles in the past – all the colours of the rainbow, Rihanna-s super short pixie, regular pixie, super long locks, blunt cut bangs. So now I have been pondering rocking a pseudo-punk do ala the lovely Alice Dellal. 

Hubby isn’t too impressed with the shaved side do but I feel like it could add alot of spunk to my everyday grocery runs/baby playdates/general errand running. 

The question arises – when I inevitably grow bored with the shaved side, how do I stylishly grow it out?!  Will I be constantly itchy?!  Do I go full-fledged and shave designs into it?! (a pacifier perhaps?!)

Help, blogosphere…this Stylinmommy is stuck in hairstyle purgatory.

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