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April 13, 2011

Rough Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends

image courtesy of, earrings by LexLuxe

I’ve always been addicted to studs but even moreso now that I have a pair of meaty little paws constantly grabbing at my facial region.

These beauties are a perfect Mothers’ Day gift for any Stylinmommy out there *hint hint, nudge nudge, Hubbers, yep I’m talkin to YOU man watching Family Guy…* (internet equivalent of folding down a magazine page lol)

I love the rawness of the uncut/unpolished diamonds. I also love the organic quality of the gold and that there are no sharp edges.

They can be found on etsy at:

For a lovely $98 USD

March 9, 2011

Eye Candy Episode 2

image courtesy of

I know what you’re thinking…skulls? Still? Really?

Try as I might to step away, I still enjoy a little swashbuckling motif here and there.

Years ago when V and I did a tradeshow in LA, I scooped up the most gorgeous little white-gold skull with ruby eyes earring during a shopping expedition  market research trip to Fred Segal. Just one perfect hint of luxe-toughness for my left ear.

I enjoyed it for oh, about 3 months, before the teensy bugger managed to escape me somehow and I’ve been on the lookout ever since for a suitable replacement.

Well, thanks to the trusty I can once again satisfy my haute-pirate fashion cravings.  Designer Illeana Makri has fashioned a sweet pair of white gold and diamond studs that I would looove to get my paws on. 

This week’s Eye Candy has me saying ‘Argh!’ in a good way! (haha cheesy I know) 

However, at $1290 I think I’ll hold off for now…that’s an awful lot of teething rings. 

Not to mention H would probably end up eating one and rummaging through a dirty diaper would probably ruin my mani 😉

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