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July 27, 2011

Bye Bye Mommy-Guilt! Can I Get A Hell Yeah

Couldn't do it!

You may recall a few postings back that our lil family was gearing up for the dive into daycare.  We had done all we thought we needed to prepare, had been fortunate enough to get a spot in our desired facility and I had some awesome job opportunities lined up.  Things seemed amazingly in tune with the universe.

Until we decided that daycare just wasn’t the right fit for our family at this point.  Dun dun dun.

Like with many choices as a parent,  I found myself guilt-ridden no matter which option we took.  Am I the only Mom out there that feltguilty at the drop of a dime?!

Finding a job you love – guilty, you are abandoning your child to the care of others, missing out on his growth

Staying at home to care for baby – guilty, you are not fulfilling your ‘potential’, not bringing in dizzough

Using disposable diapers, feeding store-bought baby food, forgetting sunscreen, not using flash cards, using flash cards.

Guilty, guilty, guilty!

You know what? I say bye bye to guilt!  I’m over you!  I no longer bend the knee to your frown-inducing, brow-furrowing and overall wrinkle-causing ways.

I thought that Baby H would benefit greatly from being around the other babies and having constant socialization.  Which, at the end of the day, he definitely would.  But when it came time to actually being able to part with him at 9 months, I realized I still want this time with him.  He is still a baby and I’ll never get this time back and the time really DOES fly by.

All tired cliches aside, I felt tremendously happy and just lighter when I FINALLY came to the conclusion that:

1) I don’t need to plunge headfirst into a full-time career immediately

2) We don’t need to push Baby H to be any more independent than  he already is

3)  I’m fortunate enough that I can stay at home and spend this time with him

4)  Our family is making the decisions that are the best for us and not necessarily anybody else

But to get there the most important step was to crush the guilt.  Just destroy it.  It wasn’t making any decision-making any easier.

I realize there will be many challenges waiting for me as a SAHM (more fodder for blog posts!)  Life isn’t going to be all baking, shopping, lunches and playdates…

And I am still a strong believer in the positive aspects of daycare – we still have him on the list for when he is older.

But for right now, I just want to spend every waking moment smooshing his cheeks 🙂

And not feeling guilty about it one way or the other!


What do you feel guilty/not guilty about? How have you coped (or not) with the guilt?

July 5, 2011

Changes…(And not the diapering kind!)

I’ve always been pro-change.  Whether making big decisions or small, I see true value in being able to not only accept but to embrace change – after all, its the spice of life!

Our little family has decided that Baby H will be starting daycare soon!  I know, its not a super drastic change for most but for us it definitely will be.  I have had mixed feelings about the whole daycare dilemma but we finally decided that it is the best decision for Baby H.  The more time we spend with him, the more we realize how quickly he is growing and how much he loves to explore his world and learn!

We considered many options – me staying at home (boring for him) hiring a nanny (same, one person constantly, same environment) and even having Gma watch him.  But the thought of keeping him at home in the same environment just didn’t seem fair.  As much as we do get out (two or sometimes even three times a day!) its not the same for him as having the dynamic space with new people and other babies that he would get at daycare.

I have heard so many mums having great experiences with daycare that it seemed the natural thing to do.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a hard decision and that I’m not wracked with nerves about the whole thing!  But with his strong, super sociable personality I am really hoping he will love it!  And that means that for the next few weeks I will be cherishing EVERY moment with him even more than I normally do!  Yes even those times he refuses to nap, pulls my hair, tears my new tops or wants to grab the wires near the TV.

Instead I’ll be focused on the way when he wakes up after a nap he sits up in his crib and babbles until I come to get him.  Or when he calls ‘mama’ when he is bored and wants to do something fun.  Or the way he crinkles up his little nose when he smiles at me if I do something funny.

GAHHHHH! Ok now I’m going to cry!!!

What are your experiences with childcare for baby? Do you stay at home?  Would love to hear from other mamas & papas out there!






June 8, 2011

Delirious with Daycare Dilemma

Baby H is confused too

Not really delirious but a little illiteration never hurt anybody.

Baby H is now 7.5 months old…and so the discussions of going back to work, putting him in daycare, doing part-time of both, or being a SAHM have surfaced.

First of all, ‘going back to work’ for me means finding a job and a new career.  After spending the last 7 years running my own business (with trusty partner V) and then selling said business earlier this year, it will be a completely fresh start for moi.  This in itself is a daunting but utterly exciting prospect.  There are so many possibilities running through my head and I definitely feel lucky to be in such a unique position at this point in my life.

That being said, being at home with Baby H has been simply awesome.  Watching him grow and learn something new, literally every day, has been totally amazing.  Seeing his personality blossom into the combination of super sweet, cuddly, and thoroughly mischievious has been a total trip and I wouldn’t have traded this time for anything.

So the next step is to figure out what it is that I want – so much easier said than done. One day I feel like I definitely want to get back into the working world and flex my brain a bit more.  The next I am content to embrace my role as mommy since I know this time only comes around once in a child’s life.

Hubby and I (and Baby H) went to check out a daycare nearby and it was pretty much all we could ask for.  And with Baby H’s strong personality I don’t really feel worried about leaving him per say – he’s pretty independent and vocal about what he wants.  Now its more about figuring out what I’d like to do – and when you’re used to putting somebody else’s needs and wants ahead of your own (cue crying babe here) it’s a bit of an adjustment to go back to examining what YOU need and want.

What did you mamas out there do? Go back to work? Become a full time SAHM?  A combo of both?

Would love to hear!

Happy Hump Day 😉

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