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August 13, 2012

Artsy Farts

A study in black and white…H pointed to a blob on the bottom and said ‘mommy’

One really cool part of being a parent is when you see your kid’s personality, style and interests start to poke up. Kinda makes all those other crazy times (like our hospital visit late last night, or a temper tantrum today at Chapters) seem forgettable and inconsequential.

Upon first glance, H would seem like a bit of a brute.  Whether it is his sometimes surly demeanor, his loud and commanding yell, or his larger-than-most stature – the kid wouldn’t necessarily strike you as being a softy.  However, from an early age he has absolutely loved scribbling, ‘drawing’ and anything arts and crafts related.  He can literally lose himself in his ‘art’ forever (toddler translation – 15 minutes).

So while he has a definitely fondness for monster trucks and soccer balls – we wholeheartedly encourage his creative side.  As somebody who has always loved the arts and designing, I feel like maybe this side of him might come from lil’ ole me and it makes me feel kinda squishy inside 😉

Here are some awesome artsy & craftsy type toys for those who love to create!

from $8

If your kid is anything like mine, he/she has cultivated quite the obsession with rocks.  So when you take two of his loves – rocks and crayons and combine them…bam…toddler-winning!  These crayon rocks by Clementine are super-cool.

via $84.95

Most of you will know the name Melissa and Doug and associate it with feel-good wooden toys, especially those of the ‘sensory play’ type.  This easel is no exception and has all the trappings to keep your little Picasso busy for a good while.

via $12.95

Texture is a big one in our household – so anything crinkly, squishy, crunchy…you name it, H wants to get his hands in it!  This might be a bit advanced for him right now but for the older ones its a lot of fun.

via $30.95

The AGO is a great place to take your little to hang for an afternoon, especially since they’ve opened the Weston Family Learning Centre.  Take home something from the gift shop after you get inspired!  This Giant Art Jar is…exactly that.  Can’t beat it.

via $29.99

As a kid, I pretty much would have died over this.  I was often caught drawing on the walls at home, so this would have been the perfect way to let the graffiti artist in me let loose.  Let your lil Banksy go wild.

What kinds of activties does your kiddo get up to?  How do you like to encourage their interests?

May 30, 2011

To Do List (s)

hey party people, im ready for summer!

Im a big list maker. Some of the lists on my bb include the following:

things to get with aeroplan points

questions to ask dr at next Baby H apt


Baby H Clothing Needs

books to read

lunch/dinner ideas

Fascinating I know, but anyways you get the point.

Well – I have also started a list of things ‘to do’ this summer and here it is…I’m pretty excited that I crossed off a couple! But even more excited to get going on the rest…

Get a good camera

Learn how to use said camera

Fun baby activities with Baby H (ongoing)

Weekly playdates


Street Festivals

Go to Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens/as many parks & trails as we can

As many patios as possible!

Revisit my sketchbooks and start drawing again

SO. Now that my list is public I feel like I have responsibility not only to myself but to whoever reads this to actually make good on my mini goals. Most of them are fun anyways so it shouldn’t be that hard – but I guess you’d be surprised how quickly time goes by with the regular daily routines and then wham – next thing you know its Christmas and you’re still contemplating seeing the Fall colours.

Happy Monday All Ya’ll!  Hope you are all enjoying this gorg burst of sunshiney loveliness.

(Post Script:  The photo really has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was squishy and cute 😉 Baby H loves being nekkid)



May 1, 2011

Original Momma’s Day Gift Ideas

As much as we aspire to be organized, orderly and on time – many of us lead such chaotic lives that we end up leaving things til the last minute. Such as gift-getting for that special lady in your life – Mama, Grandma, Aunty or any other woman who has played the all-important role of ‘mother’ to you.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you on your quest for a way to show your appreciation to mama.

image courtesy

Yummy sweets for the sweet 😉 Macarons to die for – personally taste tested by moi! The talented Kelly Lee of Lemontree Patisserie makes these scrumptious goodies in Toronto and you can find her at St. Lawrence Market on market days.

image courtesy of

If you have a mama who collects things (*ahem*and thats collects not hoards) then you can find a unique way of adding to her collection.  My dear mum loves anything to do with pigs – so this gold  piggybank designed by Harry Allen from the AGO gift shop would sit proudly on her pig-shelf. Apparently it holds $10,000 in dollar bills!

image courtesy of

Whether your momdukes loves real bling or is a fan of fashion jewelery, give her a pretty box to store her goodies in and she will be charmed. This impressionist-inspired one from Anthropologie is a nice pick for artsy ladies.

image courtesy

Practical doesn’t have to mean boring and this beaut of a brolly is a prime example.  Show mom you want to ‘shower’ her with love (cheese-factor!) and shield her from the elements with the far from plain rain protector shown here by Toronto’s own ThisIsJ.

image courtesy

Moms come in all shapes and sizes and Luved is a clothing line that totally embraces that.  Find gorgeous easy-to-wear pieces that will last forever (I should know, Luved is a definite staple in my closet!). While you’re there pick out something for yourself – after all, you deserve a treat too!

image courtesy

Keep her organized and lookin good with this gorgeous makeup case set.  If she’s a jet setter she’ll love being able to use this on the go and with wipeable insides, the MelissaBeth makeup case set is fashionable and functional!

image courtesy

For all those lovely meals she’s slaved over for you (or for all those time she’s cramped up her finger ordering takeout) how about treating Mom to a gorgeous new apron?  creates modern and unique silk screened and embroidered aprons for the stylish and sassy chef of the home.  They have cute messages such as ‘Will cook for shoes’ and ‘Microwave Maven’.

So there you have it folks – hope this has gotten your creative juices flowing and some ideas pumping to treat Mom to something special for her day.  As for me, I’ll be taking mama to high tea – a tradition we started a few years ago and such a great opportunity to get dressed up, nosh on some yummy treats and most importantly – spend quality time together.

Have a great week!

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