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September 19, 2012

UK fave Next now Shipping to Canada! Review

There are many things this mama misses about her hometown of Newcastle, England. The walks down to the high street, the old cranky couple at the post office, fresh cream cakes.

But one major thing missing is the amazing SHOPS!  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for any British stores and Next is no exception.  I recently had the opportunity to try out the amazing shipping to Canada from one of my fave UK shops.

For those of you who don’t know (and really, where have you been?) Next carries a wide array of clothing and accessories for women, men and kids.  I was eager to give the boys stuff a go.

I Love it BecauseThe Next website is great to look at and the shipping was a breeze!  But most importantly, I spent ages poring over my options since there were so many great looking items to choose from. Of course, the process was made even more lengthy by my forays into the womens’ section!

After I chose my items (the raincoat pictured above and a set of hat, gloves and scarf) I was pleasantly surprised by just how quickly everything arrived.  I’m used to waiting weeks for products to arrive from overseas or even from the US so it was awesome to come home only about a week after to my Next package!

Since H is larger than the average 2 year old, I chose a size 3-4 and the jacket ended up fitting perfectly.  He is the height and weight of about a 3 year old.  I loved the quality of all the items but especially the jacket – perfect for Fall since it has a soft cotton liner with a waterproof shell.  Roomy enough for a hoodie underneath and autumn layers.

The hat seems to fit well too, but as you’ll notice, he didnt keep it on long enough to snap a pic! Will have to see when the cooler temps arrive if he will keep it on his noggin.

But I Wish It Had – I was slightly frustrated by the ease of use of the website.  I found navigating a bit annoying as once you click on a category (e.g. Young Boys) you were taken to a lookbook type page even if you wanted to stay on the category dropdown menu.  It took a bit of getting used to before I was able to comfortably browse the site.

So , reco or no? – A resounding YES to try out this website and get your brit goodies from Next!  Not only are you getting your hot little hands on goodies that you can’t find locally, you can expect excellent customer service and a large range of products.  There are so many options, colours, sizes that I felt I was browing an online department store – one stop shopping for the whole family!

As you can see, H did not want to take his jacket off…He ended up wearing it the whole day at daycare apparently!

February 8, 2012

Thoughts on Biz Caj

biz caj or just caj?! via

A heck of a lot since the last time I posted!

Life can be a little cray (that’s right, cray!) sometimes and ya just gotta roll with it.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as a SAHM with H but the time has come to throw some heels on and get back into the workforce.

H is on Day 3 of full-time daycare and the process has been a bit insane but honestly – he is so resilient and seems to enjoy it already!  He has made it easier for me than I expected, though the anxieties before actually starting were at an all-time high.  He has been such a star and so very brave that I feel very, very fortunate.

We found a facility that we all love with teachers that make us feel uber comfortable.  H even has a male teacher who he instantly bonded with (he’s such a guys’ guy!) so that definitely helped.

I managed to get a job working at in communications…that’s right – a job in the actual field that I got a degree in…who knew 😉  I start the new gig this week and its with a mixture of nervousness and excitement that I’m going into it.  Definitely a bit of a change from being self-employed but I am ready to jump right in and see what is in store for me.

A new job equals a terrific excuse to go shopping.   Business casual is not a look I had much (or at all) of in my existing wardrobe so it was time to hit the streets in search of some great basics that would help me navigate the corporate jungle.

So, what does one need to lay the foundation for a great work wardrobe that won’t make you collapse into a bored heap on the boardroom floor?!

I figure its best to start off basic and build my way up.

1 great quality black blazer – tailored within an inch of my life and not trendy at all. Investment piece.

1 more laidback charcoal blazer with sleeves destined to be rolled/scrunched up.

1 black cardigan

1 hot pink cardigan

1 charcoal cashmere cardi

2 pairs black dress pants – 1 long, flowy, medium weight; the other cropped to ankle, tailored in to be slim fitting.

1 pair charcoal trousers

2 skirts

A few work appropriate dresses – now here I found it hard to be restrained.  It was a fine balance between purchasing something I loved but that would stand out more and thus not be usable in a 2 or 3 wk rotation and then getting something so plain that I would be dying to spill some white-out on it to give it a little character.  Luckily FCUK had some good options that were right in between.

A myriad of tops/blouses/camisoles

Some pumps, some booties.

I actually didn’t realize the fun you could have putting together work-appropriate attire!  Though I’m sure in about 2 weeks time when I am scrambling to get H out of the door while trying to throw food into the slow cooker and remembering to turn on the dishwasher that managing to grab anything that matches and is clean will be a feat in itself.

What are your thoughts on office attire? What do you wear as your ‘Fail-Proof’ work outfit?!  Would love to know…

November 3, 2011

Slap Some Faux Fur On Me & I’m Good To Go

 Hat – BabyGap (its faux fur before you load up your paintcans!)

Hoodie – Roots

Tee shirt – Childrens Place

Leather Jacket – faux again, animal lovers, – H&M

Grey cargos – BabyGap

Boots – H&M

It’s been an active and fun-filled Fall so far!  As you can see, H is all about trying to escape the confines of his stroller/carseat so its hard to get any shots taken that aren’t blurry.  They say the time flies and it truly has been!  We are trying to savour every moment…even the insane ones during his two-to-one-nap-transition!!!

Happy Thursday!

August 23, 2011

Dog Days Are Almost Over…

I’ve always been a Fall-ish person but I really do love the simplicity of being able to pull on a dress and just go.

With cooler temps approaching I’m finding every excuse to wear all my pretty summer dresses before its time to pull out the sweaters.

Dress – Free People

Sandals – Stella McCartney 


August 22, 2011


don't look at me

teal golf shirt & jeans – BabyGap



August 15, 2011

Jedi Master In Training

  He uses his Jedi mind tricks to get his way…

Long sleeved shirt Junk Food Tees for Gapkids

Green cargos The Childrens Place

Black/white skullie sock/shoes The Bay

August 11, 2011

Currently Musing On: Wednesday Adams

I’ve been feeling Fall-ish lately.

I know – how is that even remotely possible with the blistering heat, BBQs and weekend swims?

Well as one who (for better or worse) likes to think ahead, Fall and its whispered promises of layers, boots and cardis has seduced me into dreaming about the perfect black dress.

I’ve totally been musing on Wednesday Adams and I can’t wait to find the perfect long sleeved, black and lacy mini dress.

Here are some picks so far:

elise overland img.

img courtesy

nightcap img

free people img.

Anyways…I suppose I should just chill and revel in whats left of Summer 2011…but I look forward to breaking out the black lace soon!


August 5, 2011

Stripes & Dysons

oh how moody of me

Lack of cropping reveals a pink Dyson

Very overdue for some Stylin Second shots. Finally had the wherewithall to figure out how to use the self-timer on the cammie.

A casual day in the Toronto heat calls for pulling out a black/white stripey skirt from H&M, short sleeved black tone on tone stripe blouse by Free People and you’ll notice my constant companion – black hair tie.

And contrary to what it may seem, I’m not looking off into fashion-land distance – rather listening out for Baby H’s rustling from his nap.

Happy Friday!  Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already for some random musings @Stylin_Mommy



July 19, 2011

Summer Dress Guide

some of the dresses in rotation

Black boyshort-cut panties rejoice!  The thongs and crotchless panties *i kid!* of yesteryear have been relegated to the back of my undies drawer. Now its not because they are any less cute than before, its just that with the insane summer heat we have been having lately in Toronto, all I want to do is wear dresses.  I have always been a strong follower of the fashion meets function mentality and this has only increased since Baby H came along.  For ease, maximum style and minimal effort, you can’t beat a dress.

A few recent requests for advice on where to go for dresses got me thinking about what I look for in my dress wardrobe.

With all the dress shopping I’ve done in the past I’ve come to the conclusion that every girl needs a few to hold her over through the warmer months.

That being said, here is my guide to Summer Dress-ing:

The Everyday Dress Grocery shopping?  Running to the mall and want to look like you’ve had more than a few hours of measly sleep?  Grab this Go-To garment.  Cotton, light, long enough to cover your ass-ets when you bend over to load your shopping into the trunk or pick up baby’s paci.


Patios Watch Out For when you’re lunching with the girls or brunching with the in-laws…You want a cute and pretty something that’s light and easy on the eyes. Have a little fun and grab something flirty.


Weddings, Showers, Engagements, Oh My! You know you love your friends/fam, but with 10 weddings in a row this summer you want to scream…just a little. However, buck up, because with the lighter wallet comes the fun dresses!  Choose something fun in a bright colour that will stay classic for awhile…and mix and match simple dresses and fun accessories. Oh yeah..and no matter how tempting it is…stay away from white! A little respect for the bride never hurt anybody 😉

Reco:, dress by Tracy Reese

Pour Me A Stiff One!  For the lazy hazy nights out, get comfy but no need to lower the style factor.  Don a short and hot little number and show off the fact that (if you’re anything like moi) you’ve gotten a babysitter and shaved your legs 😉

Reco:, dress by Torn, dress by Backstage

Maxin’ and Relaxin’  Maxi dresses are always such a great idea.  I have a bunch but with an active kidlet, I find bending over and scooping him up not as easy wearing one of these – however, for those who are kid-free and/or more skilled than I, these are a great way to ‘maximize’ *har har* style as well as hide your gams if you haven’t had time to apply that self-tanning lotion.


Basically you could throw a stick and hit a cute dress – there are just so many options out there and at all different price points.

Choose your dresses wisely and you can rework many of them so that they are interchangeable for different occasions.

Enjoy the fantastic heat wave!

June 29, 2011

Summer in the City

Hipster hat – dozerbaby from minimioche
Long sleeved tee – hm organic
‘My mom rocks’ tee – carters
Skinny jeans – babygap

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