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July 26, 2012


Had a dream recently about standing in front of an antique door.

I didn’t try to open it, but I woke up feeling like there was something behind that door that was exciting, positive and unavoidable.

None of these look quite like the one in my dream but thought they were pretty…








June 29, 2012

Get Invited Back To The Cottage…Guest Tips

Lots of goings-on in our busy lil household lately! Between the daily grind and, well, the daily grind, we have been moving non-stop! Feels like we haven’t stood still in ages but that’s how we like to live our lives 🙂

Well we blasted right on through Spring and have cruised into Summer full-force…
Part of the fun of Summer in Canada is cottaging. Though we don’t have a cottage of our own, we are lucky to have friends and fam who like to host us and for that we are very thankful.

I truly believe in the concept of being a ‘good guest’.  Along with the common sense things (don’t be a slob, help out around the place, go with the flow of your hosts, know when to arrive and when to leave, don’t show up with a sick child or bring your dog along uninvited…) I think the key to being  a good guest (aka. someone who will be asked back) is to not only pitch in for food and booze (natch) but to bring along something thoughtful that shows you are thinking of your hosts.

Ideally you want to personalize your gift for the host/hostess but I’d be pretty darn pleased if I received any of the below…

Here are some fun things that I think would make a great Cottage hostess gift:

via, perfect for around the firepit

via, Hudson’s Bay Blanket for snuggling up on the couch

via, Simple luxuries like french milled soap are a nice way to scrub off the sandy grime from being outdoorsy

via, Who doesn’t like some white ceramic crockery at the cottage? Or at home for that matter

via, Number one – how cute is this spool table?! Number two – coffee table books are a great way to unwind when you don’t have wifi or cable

via, Who wants a fly in their quinoa salad? Not moi. Save the food in style with a woven cloche

So for all of you tag-a-longs who will be guest-ing at a cottage this Canada Day long weekend, don’t forget to show your appreciation for the good times and bring along a little something for your hosts…

Happy Canada Day!


December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Homes Inspiration

Its been a hectic Holidaze season, though I know that’s no excuse for not posting!  So I do apologize and hope that this post chock full of gingy house inspiration will help to make up for it 🙂


I know owls are possibly the most played-out animal amongst the handmade crowd but I still love em!  These simple gingy homes are waiting for a big bite 🙂


If you’ve been following the blog (or know me at all) you’d know that my fave colour combo is red, white and black.  Again, a really cute and simple house here but keeping a consistent colour theme and putting it up on a pedestal really ‘elevates’ the style factor. Ba dum dum.

via decoratedcookieblog

Speaking of colour!  The button motif pushes up the cuteness factor by about 500 notches. I don’t know what those red liquorice bush-type things are in the front but I know they look super cuddly and remind me of yarn!

via ameliespaperie

Beautiful painting and a cool bird-house spinoff make this retro gingy home a major hit.  When H saw this one he tried to lick the screen so I’d say its looking preeeetty yum.

via notmartha

As if my daily coffee fixes weren’t good enough on their own…here comes a neato idea where you can get your caffeine and sugar fix all in one single fell swoop. Thanks notmartha! You rock.

via marthastewart

As much as we like to hate on the impregnable force that is known as Martha Stewart she has some damned cute holiday ideas and here is another one.

Making a gingerbread house can be a simple and fun project with the younger kiddos – graham crackers and easy peasy candy decorations. While yours may not come out looking as pristine and crisp as the above, having some holiday fun is all that matters.

You may note that my own version does not make an appearance in this post. H is in his crazy toddler, walking/running phase which means its been a joyride getting all the holiday prep done while keeping his curious little mind out of trouble! So, in other words, we didn’t get around to it 🙂 But I’m definitely gunning for next year!

Hope you all have an amazing Holidaze and find some time to enjoy your friends, family, good food, wine and good convo because I know we will!

October 28, 2011

Im A Creep

Halloween Inspiration:

the enchanted forest by grenbry outhwaite

erwin blumenfeld

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August 31, 2011

Interview with

All images courtesy of


A very exciting part of being a mom for me is kids’ fashion these days.  I mean, sure, seeing the first tooth pop out can be sorta a big deal but what about gaucho pants for infants?! *I kid!*

So it is with extreme excitement that I was able to interview the editor for my favourite online kids’s style mag, Priscila Barros of  For me this magazine is the perfect example of marrying style with fantasy and playfulness.  There is nothing worse than seeing child models gussied up to look like mini adults – you won’t see that here in Babiekins.  Instead, the fashion spreads feature gorgeous clothes on super cute kidlets who still look like kids!  They look stylish, happy and like they’re having a great ole time.

 What inspired you to start Babiekins magazine?
I am a mother of 2 young boys and I just felt like there weren’t enough “high fashion” resources for kids or one place to find it all. As a mom I don’t have loads of free time to skip around a million blogs or websites to find beautiful and “new” items for my kids and so I though busy mothers would appreciate a styled magazine with beautiful editorials and a list of must haves all in one place.
Tell us about your own style and your childrens’ style.
My style: Its funny  because now that I am a mom I have toned it down a lot. Before you would see me in wedges all day long and now I have traded those for some havaianas which are more practical when Im chasing after my active kids! I also love to thrift. You can often find me with a thrifted top paired with designer jeans. I also carry this into my childrens wardrobe and through out the magazine. It just doesn’t make sense to buy a $50 top for your 3 year old and then pair it with more designer items. It’s not only expensive but in my mind- ridiculous! Bringing vintage and thrifted finds into a wardrobe adds a little bit of personality to an outfit and I think in the end makes a trendsetter unique!
Brands I love for my kids are Mini and Maximus ( they are super quirky and I LOVE any thing quirky for kids
Bobo choses- who is a popular brand out of Barcelona (Bobo Choses)
and Imps and Elfs! (
Oftentimes as moms (especially new moms) we find it a challenge to even get our buttons done up correctly! Any tips for how to remain stylish while being a busy parent?
Oh MAN! I think the key is to remember that your a new mom! Don’t put pressure on yourself to dress a certain way especially when you are exhausted after waking up every 2 hours to feed your newborn. I found it really key in my wardrobe to have some simple items.
-White tshirt (get one that is a little longer)
These are easy to dress up and down! add a nice chuncky vintage necklace to it and a jacket , skinny jeans and heals and you have a nice outfit to go out in.
-If its long enough ad a belt and some boots and you got a cute little summer dress
-Or just wear it with some comfy slacks for around the house!
What are your favourite places to shop for your babiekins?
I have 3 shops I find myself going to always!
Mash N Gravy who is owned by one of the sweets most genuine people I know and she is also a mother to 2 adorable boys! 🙂
I love little fashion gallery because they carry the best brands all in one place.
I also love the new shop
What would you never dress your child in and why?
I actually have never put jeans on my kids. They are just so active and I think kids need to be comfortable in anything they wear. I dress them in a lot of popupshop pants and pants and shorts from imps and Elfs just because they are SO amazingly made and moveable! Its important to dress them in clothes that move because my boys are always running outside or climbing trees.
White also is something I like to avoid for obvious reasons! 🙂
Do you remember a favourite outfit of yours growing up? 
I had these very cute pink and very 80’s (haha) jumpersuit I use to wear when I was little. It kinda reminded me of the picture in the current issue on page 195and196 on Forever Blue
What are your hopes for the future of Babiekins magazine?
I feel like now we are kinda at a crossroads. We have so many designers and internationally known people and business contacting us in hopes of being in the magazine its just amazing. I just can’t really imagine what is coming next. We would love to make the magazine in a a couple different languages and see it in print and in some boutiques. We have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up in the next year so I guess we will see.
Thanks to Priscila for an awesome interview and for shedding some insight into how she keeps herself and her babiekins well-clad.
Keep your eyes peeled on the mag’s November issue for their Second Annual Cover Contest!
Check out the magazine and let me know your thoughts!
August 11, 2011

Currently Musing On: Wednesday Adams

I’ve been feeling Fall-ish lately.

I know – how is that even remotely possible with the blistering heat, BBQs and weekend swims?

Well as one who (for better or worse) likes to think ahead, Fall and its whispered promises of layers, boots and cardis has seduced me into dreaming about the perfect black dress.

I’ve totally been musing on Wednesday Adams and I can’t wait to find the perfect long sleeved, black and lacy mini dress.

Here are some picks so far:

elise overland img.

img courtesy

nightcap img

free people img.

Anyways…I suppose I should just chill and revel in whats left of Summer 2011…but I look forward to breaking out the black lace soon!


August 11, 2011

Kate Moss’ Wedding Style

With matrons of honour

With daughter Lila Grace

the incomparable Daphne Guinness


The Mario Testino photos of Kate Moss’ wedding were featured in Vogue above.

As always the style maven managed to get her shine on in true Kate fashion.  She wore a John Galliano dress to her 20’s Gatsby-meets-rock influenced event.  She wears her clothes in a way nobody else can really imitate and this was no exception.

Always have had a major girl-crush for Kate and her style – gotta admire the ‘girl’ who creates a thousand trends every year with no fail.

Beautiful, original and understated with a bit of bling.

June 3, 2011


May 26, 2011

Style Icons, Haute Hobos or Both?

I admit, when I was younger I detested the Olsen twins. Like really, couldn’t stand to watch Full house because I always felt they bore a disturbingly close resemblance to Troll dolls.  Even just typing that out makes me shudder because its unnecessarily cruel.

Anyways fast forward a few years and I’ve become an avid fan of the Olsen’s sense of style.  Whether its grabbing a coffee (as they are wont to do often according to the paps), attending art gallery openings or working on their various (super successful) fashion lines The Row or Elizabeth and James they are always interestingly clad in outfits that totally inspire me.

Many of you will disagree and point out that they, in actuality, dress like hobos.  Haute hobos, but still, hobos nonetheless.

I suppose its the ‘devil may care’ attitude with which they throw their looks together that appeals to me.

So Cheers to you, MK & Ashley – may you continue to grace us with your messy locks, oversized bags, and of course, Starbucks.  For your everyday fix of MKA check out this fab blog.

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April 15, 2011

Leather look

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