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December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Homes Inspiration

Its been a hectic Holidaze season, though I know that’s no excuse for not posting!  So I do apologize and hope that this post chock full of gingy house inspiration will help to make up for it 🙂


I know owls are possibly the most played-out animal amongst the handmade crowd but I still love em!  These simple gingy homes are waiting for a big bite 🙂


If you’ve been following the blog (or know me at all) you’d know that my fave colour combo is red, white and black.  Again, a really cute and simple house here but keeping a consistent colour theme and putting it up on a pedestal really ‘elevates’ the style factor. Ba dum dum.

via decoratedcookieblog

Speaking of colour!  The button motif pushes up the cuteness factor by about 500 notches. I don’t know what those red liquorice bush-type things are in the front but I know they look super cuddly and remind me of yarn!

via ameliespaperie

Beautiful painting and a cool bird-house spinoff make this retro gingy home a major hit.  When H saw this one he tried to lick the screen so I’d say its looking preeeetty yum.

via notmartha

As if my daily coffee fixes weren’t good enough on their own…here comes a neato idea where you can get your caffeine and sugar fix all in one single fell swoop. Thanks notmartha! You rock.

via marthastewart

As much as we like to hate on the impregnable force that is known as Martha Stewart she has some damned cute holiday ideas and here is another one.

Making a gingerbread house can be a simple and fun project with the younger kiddos – graham crackers and easy peasy candy decorations. While yours may not come out looking as pristine and crisp as the above, having some holiday fun is all that matters.

You may note that my own version does not make an appearance in this post. H is in his crazy toddler, walking/running phase which means its been a joyride getting all the holiday prep done while keeping his curious little mind out of trouble! So, in other words, we didn’t get around to it 🙂 But I’m definitely gunning for next year!

Hope you all have an amazing Holidaze and find some time to enjoy your friends, family, good food, wine and good convo because I know we will!

October 28, 2011

Im A Creep

Halloween Inspiration:

the enchanted forest by grenbry outhwaite

erwin blumenfeld

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August 11, 2011

Kate Moss’ Wedding Style

With matrons of honour

With daughter Lila Grace

the incomparable Daphne Guinness


The Mario Testino photos of Kate Moss’ wedding were featured in Vogue above.

As always the style maven managed to get her shine on in true Kate fashion.  She wore a John Galliano dress to her 20’s Gatsby-meets-rock influenced event.  She wears her clothes in a way nobody else can really imitate and this was no exception.

Always have had a major girl-crush for Kate and her style – gotta admire the ‘girl’ who creates a thousand trends every year with no fail.

Beautiful, original and understated with a bit of bling.

May 3, 2011

I Covet…

image courtesy

These House of Harlow wedges would be the perfect pair to trip around in this summer.  They are uber tempting and super practical too *I’m pretty sure I can push a stroller, hold a wriggly baby and sip a coffee all at the same time while wearing these…or at least look good trying*

April 13, 2011

Rough Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends

image courtesy of, earrings by LexLuxe

I’ve always been addicted to studs but even moreso now that I have a pair of meaty little paws constantly grabbing at my facial region.

These beauties are a perfect Mothers’ Day gift for any Stylinmommy out there *hint hint, nudge nudge, Hubbers, yep I’m talkin to YOU man watching Family Guy…* (internet equivalent of folding down a magazine page lol)

I love the rawness of the uncut/unpolished diamonds. I also love the organic quality of the gold and that there are no sharp edges.

They can be found on etsy at:

For a lovely $98 USD

March 30, 2011

Eye Candy Ep. 4 – Pearls, Updated

image courtesy of

Uber talented jewellery designer Emma Franklin makes interesting, but still wearable, pieces that prominently feature animals.

I’m loving the Tiger collection (have a tiger tattoo and funnily enough, Baby H was born in the Chinese zodiac year of the tiger).
But this bracelet caught my eye as a great way to bring some pearls into your everyday wardrobe, instead of saving them just for special occasions.
The cool round rings and multi-coloured pearls keep this piece from being too precious. Priced at 190 british pounds this is a great find for classing up your everyday outfits at a reasonable price.
March 21, 2011

Eye Candy Ep. 3

perfect for tummy time

LOVE this rug for Baby H’s nursery.  Who wouldn’t love to have tummy time on this Jonathan Adler zebra/Brit rug?  For a Brit ex-pat such as myself, this is the ultimate in kiddo accessorizing.  Its perfectly cheeky – can be found at (a super chic baby store) for a cool $1150.00.  Perhaps we would have to Scotch Guard it against spitup for that kinda moulah.

March 9, 2011

Eye Candy Episode 2

image courtesy of

I know what you’re thinking…skulls? Still? Really?

Try as I might to step away, I still enjoy a little swashbuckling motif here and there.

Years ago when V and I did a tradeshow in LA, I scooped up the most gorgeous little white-gold skull with ruby eyes earring during a shopping expedition  market research trip to Fred Segal. Just one perfect hint of luxe-toughness for my left ear.

I enjoyed it for oh, about 3 months, before the teensy bugger managed to escape me somehow and I’ve been on the lookout ever since for a suitable replacement.

Well, thanks to the trusty I can once again satisfy my haute-pirate fashion cravings.  Designer Illeana Makri has fashioned a sweet pair of white gold and diamond studs that I would looove to get my paws on. 

This week’s Eye Candy has me saying ‘Argh!’ in a good way! (haha cheesy I know) 

However, at $1290 I think I’ll hold off for now…that’s an awful lot of teething rings. 

Not to mention H would probably end up eating one and rummaging through a dirty diaper would probably ruin my mani 😉

March 4, 2011

Eye Candy Episode 1

tantrum image courtesy of Marcus Yau
umbrella girl image courtesy of marcus yau
” image courtesy of Marcus Yau

Eye Candy is a space I’ll dedicate to things that I find inspiring, beautiful, oddly intriguing and/or otherwise visually stimulating.

This week’s Eye Candy features a London-based photographer and filmmaker, Marcus Yau.
Stumbling upon his website, I found myself lost in images that are quite moody and yet have a sense of humour and quirkiness.
I felt I was transported into the East end of London – not thrust into a melee of noise, dust and cigarette smoke, but instead given an exclusive peek into captured moments of reflection and stillness. (insert arty pretentious eyebrow raise here)
Anyhoo – check out this talented Eye Candy-maker at
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