me: smidge of fashion with larger dose of Dyson-like reality

Who is Stylinmommy?

Former entrepreneur who recently sold her first business (we made super cute and stylish aprons!).

First time momma to Baby H, a super cute and cuddly baby boy who was born 11.1 lbs and continues to ‘thrive’ (meaning my back/shoulders are in a permanent state of ouch).  Love him.
Been married to love of my life, M,  for almost 3 years now.  He keeps me sane with his silliness.

Have always had a passion for design of all sorts, beautiful things (translation: shopping for gorg items), yummy food (the making of and the munching of), fashion and creativity.  I love living life “to the fullest’ tho these days that consists of perhaps a glass of vino before falling into bed with my makeup still on.  Makeup that was worn to the grocery store, mind you, not out partying 😉

Wow – I just realized how badly I overuse brackets.  Hope you enjoy my first attempt at blogging!
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