Shop Til Ya Drop


I’ve always been a shopper. Mall, boutique, grocery, big box, farmers market – You could throw me in any kind of store and I will find something I need (or want!) I guess you could say its a skill that I’ve curated over many years.

After a long time accumulating lots of stuff and not really having much to show for it, I’ve been working hard to adjust my shopping habits. This is not as easy as it sounds since having kids is an easy excuse to always be on the hunt for clothing, toys, books, toiletries etc.
Nevertheless I’ve come a long way from the binge shopping maniac I used to be – nowadays I have to just be more creative and work the sale racks a little harder to stay stylin 🙂

But how hard is it for all you fellow former-shopaholics to resist one of the biggest consumer days of the year?! I vowed to stay away from any malls or stores today but I did manage to score some deals online for some kid necessities. Not anything close to the damage I would have done say a few years ago though.

Overall I’ve found that having less stuff leaves more time for appreciating what we do have and I think it’s a way of life I’m learning to embrace more as the years go on.


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