UK fave Next now Shipping to Canada! Review

There are many things this mama misses about her hometown of Newcastle, England. The walks down to the high street, the old cranky couple at the post office, fresh cream cakes.

But one major thing missing is the amazing SHOPS!  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for any British stores and Next is no exception.  I recently had the opportunity to try out the amazing shipping to Canada from one of my fave UK shops.

For those of you who don’t know (and really, where have you been?) Next carries a wide array of clothing and accessories for women, men and kids.  I was eager to give the boys stuff a go.

I Love it BecauseThe Next website is great to look at and the shipping was a breeze!  But most importantly, I spent ages poring over my options since there were so many great looking items to choose from. Of course, the process was made even more lengthy by my forays into the womens’ section!

After I chose my items (the raincoat pictured above and a set of hat, gloves and scarf) I was pleasantly surprised by just how quickly everything arrived.  I’m used to waiting weeks for products to arrive from overseas or even from the US so it was awesome to come home only about a week after to my Next package!

Since H is larger than the average 2 year old, I chose a size 3-4 and the jacket ended up fitting perfectly.  He is the height and weight of about a 3 year old.  I loved the quality of all the items but especially the jacket – perfect for Fall since it has a soft cotton liner with a waterproof shell.  Roomy enough for a hoodie underneath and autumn layers.

The hat seems to fit well too, but as you’ll notice, he didnt keep it on long enough to snap a pic! Will have to see when the cooler temps arrive if he will keep it on his noggin.

But I Wish It Had – I was slightly frustrated by the ease of use of the website.  I found navigating a bit annoying as once you click on a category (e.g. Young Boys) you were taken to a lookbook type page even if you wanted to stay on the category dropdown menu.  It took a bit of getting used to before I was able to comfortably browse the site.

So , reco or no? – A resounding YES to try out this website and get your brit goodies from Next!  Not only are you getting your hot little hands on goodies that you can’t find locally, you can expect excellent customer service and a large range of products.  There are so many options, colours, sizes that I felt I was browing an online department store – one stop shopping for the whole family!

As you can see, H did not want to take his jacket off…He ended up wearing it the whole day at daycare apparently!


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