Desk presses at work

Since the majority of my daytime hours are spent toiling at a desk these days, it can be hard to find any time to ‘keep fit’ and stay healthy.

And yet it is so important to take care of yourself, especially as a mom when I find I am taking care of everybody else 🙂 Watching the Olympics lately has totally inspired me to take some action towards being healthier.

Eating Well:
It is a proven fact that eating well has a direct affect on your overall wellness. With a little planning and some budgeting it is possible to pack a healthy and tasty lunch.

Some ideas for lunches that are good for your body, your wallet and your taste buds are:

Wraps made with whole wheat tortillas
Bagels with low-fat cream cheese and veggies
Chicken salads
Bento boxes <–I especially love this idea, though its not a new one, because I personally love variety and this mix and match concept works perfectly for moi!

For more lunch ideas that are cheap and cheerful, try this link.
If you buy lunch, try opting for a healthy option (sub, salad, soup, sushi) instead of a burger and fries…as hard as that can be sometimes when the golden arches seem to be pulsing and waving hi to you! Ultimately the sodium and grease will just sit in your tummy and contribute towards the dreaded afternoon slump…

Speaking of the slump…don’t forget to pack some high-energy snacks to get you through to 5pm…

Assorted nuts (although be careful of any office allergies)
Cubed cheese
Baby carrots and dip
Trail mix
Rice Crackers

Staying Fit:
I'm pretty much a desk jockey at work, meaning the extent of my physical activity is walking to and from H's daycare to pick up and drop off. Oh…and walking to get a coffee 🙂

Use your desk to work out (see here for instructions on how to do a desk press)
Take the stairs instead of the elevator (though being on the 13th floor, this one's not realistically going to happen for me!)
Get outside for a walk on your lunch break and enjoy the fresh air
Check the ergonomics of your desk

Relieving Stress:
Who are we kidding…work can be a huge source of stress! Being stressed can affect our sleeping and eating habits and can make us more susceptible to falling ill. This in turn can become a Code Red emergency when the sickness spreads to the rest of the fam. It is important to have some healthy ways of relieving stress while at work:

Keep your sense of humour (aka…laugh it off when yet another one of your terrific ideas gets pooh-poohed or stolen)
Plan ahead as much as possible
Use deep breathing exercises (to avoid screaming in frustration)
Play with a stress ball or shoot some paperball hoops
Take a lunch break with a co-worker

There are some great tips here that go into more depth on how to relieve workplace stress.

Since we spend most of our daylight hours at our workplace, it is important to try to maximize the time and stay healthy and fit.

Hopefully these tips were useful, but I would love to hear your advice too! Do you have a healthy lunch idea to share? What is your favourite way to grab a few minutes of activity while at work? How do you relieve stress? Please click on ‘comment’ just below this post and let me know.


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