Thoughts on Biz Caj

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A heck of a lot since the last time I posted!

Life can be a little cray (that’s right, cray!) sometimes and ya just gotta roll with it.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as a SAHM with H but the time has come to throw some heels on and get back into the workforce.

H is on Day 3 of full-time daycare and the process has been a bit insane but honestly – he is so resilient and seems to enjoy it already!  He has made it easier for me than I expected, though the anxieties before actually starting were at an all-time high.  He has been such a star and so very brave that I feel very, very fortunate.

We found a facility that we all love with teachers that make us feel uber comfortable.  H even has a male teacher who he instantly bonded with (he’s such a guys’ guy!) so that definitely helped.

I managed to get a job working at in communications…that’s right – a job in the actual field that I got a degree in…who knew 😉  I start the new gig this week and its with a mixture of nervousness and excitement that I’m going into it.  Definitely a bit of a change from being self-employed but I am ready to jump right in and see what is in store for me.

A new job equals a terrific excuse to go shopping.   Business casual is not a look I had much (or at all) of in my existing wardrobe so it was time to hit the streets in search of some great basics that would help me navigate the corporate jungle.

So, what does one need to lay the foundation for a great work wardrobe that won’t make you collapse into a bored heap on the boardroom floor?!

I figure its best to start off basic and build my way up.

1 great quality black blazer – tailored within an inch of my life and not trendy at all. Investment piece.

1 more laidback charcoal blazer with sleeves destined to be rolled/scrunched up.

1 black cardigan

1 hot pink cardigan

1 charcoal cashmere cardi

2 pairs black dress pants – 1 long, flowy, medium weight; the other cropped to ankle, tailored in to be slim fitting.

1 pair charcoal trousers

2 skirts

A few work appropriate dresses – now here I found it hard to be restrained.  It was a fine balance between purchasing something I loved but that would stand out more and thus not be usable in a 2 or 3 wk rotation and then getting something so plain that I would be dying to spill some white-out on it to give it a little character.  Luckily FCUK had some good options that were right in between.

A myriad of tops/blouses/camisoles

Some pumps, some booties.

I actually didn’t realize the fun you could have putting together work-appropriate attire!  Though I’m sure in about 2 weeks time when I am scrambling to get H out of the door while trying to throw food into the slow cooker and remembering to turn on the dishwasher that managing to grab anything that matches and is clean will be a feat in itself.

What are your thoughts on office attire? What do you wear as your ‘Fail-Proof’ work outfit?!  Would love to know…


One Comment to “Thoughts on Biz Caj”

  1. Skinny ankle pants, flowly blouse w/ relaxed blazer or blouse, ballet flats… your wardrobe sounds fab!!! please post pix!

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