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December 30, 2011

Another Year Gone By


time blurring on by

I suppose its a bit cliche but New Years Eve this year will be a time of reflection for moi.

Maybe years gone by would have been witness to a broken heel, perhaps some eyeliner smeared across a cheek or some such similar symbol of a drunken good time.  But since this year will be spent snuggling with my boys – champers in hand, fuzzy socks on, natch – I’ll have some time to think about how the year was and what some resolutions could be.

I used to be resolutely (har har) anti-resolution because I guess its a bit forced and most people tend to forget by March what it was they were improving anyways.

Anyways having said that, no time like the present to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and figure out what I would love to try to work on this year:

1. Patience – One of the major lessons I’ve learned from being a parent so far is how to have patience.  In many respects I’m one of the most impatient people around.  I’d love to be able to let go more and just go with the flow.

2. Buying Ridiculous Baby Stuff – I love my baby gear as much as the next person (okay fine, maybe a tad more) but the shopaholic in me has led to some pretty silly purchases that have sat unused in the back of H’s closet with tags still attached.  Since having a child can be costly enough, I vow to try to cut down on unnecessary baby-related products! (note the exclamation mark, I am really quite emphatic about this one)

3. Making More Me Time – I know this seems like it shouldn’t really be a NY reso but it is for this mama.  As a new mom I think I felt that the only person who could give H the proper care was me.  This inevitably led to unavoidable super crustiness and irritability from being overtired and feeling like I was ‘doing everything’. Now that he’s entered toddlerhood I realize I need to take it down a notch and let go so that I can get some Me time.  This will be helpful I’m sure in avoiding martyr-like declarations of “I never have time to myself!”

4. Drink more water. I’m SO bad at this.

5.  Be more diligent about posting. I’ve been a bit scattered lately about that and I apologize! (again, the exclamation mark)

6. Remember and Be Thankful – As much as times can be tough, I think its paramount to take a step back and remember what to be thankful for and how lucky we are.  You can eat some crackers with this cheese but it really is true.

Anyways – I really hope that all of youse have enjoyed some QT with your fam and friends and that whatever the New Year brings that we can face it all with courage, strength, grace and a smile!

Next thing  ya know, we’ll all be 80 and sitting around kvetching about the good ole days…so Happy New Year and enjoy it!

Enjoy this video of my girl crush. Possibly the cutest rendition I’ve heard of this song.


December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Homes Inspiration

Its been a hectic Holidaze season, though I know that’s no excuse for not posting!  So I do apologize and hope that this post chock full of gingy house inspiration will help to make up for it 🙂


I know owls are possibly the most played-out animal amongst the handmade crowd but I still love em!  These simple gingy homes are waiting for a big bite 🙂


If you’ve been following the blog (or know me at all) you’d know that my fave colour combo is red, white and black.  Again, a really cute and simple house here but keeping a consistent colour theme and putting it up on a pedestal really ‘elevates’ the style factor. Ba dum dum.

via decoratedcookieblog

Speaking of colour!  The button motif pushes up the cuteness factor by about 500 notches. I don’t know what those red liquorice bush-type things are in the front but I know they look super cuddly and remind me of yarn!

via ameliespaperie

Beautiful painting and a cool bird-house spinoff make this retro gingy home a major hit.  When H saw this one he tried to lick the screen so I’d say its looking preeeetty yum.

via notmartha

As if my daily coffee fixes weren’t good enough on their own…here comes a neato idea where you can get your caffeine and sugar fix all in one single fell swoop. Thanks notmartha! You rock.

via marthastewart

As much as we like to hate on the impregnable force that is known as Martha Stewart she has some damned cute holiday ideas and here is another one.

Making a gingerbread house can be a simple and fun project with the younger kiddos – graham crackers and easy peasy candy decorations. While yours may not come out looking as pristine and crisp as the above, having some holiday fun is all that matters.

You may note that my own version does not make an appearance in this post. H is in his crazy toddler, walking/running phase which means its been a joyride getting all the holiday prep done while keeping his curious little mind out of trouble! So, in other words, we didn’t get around to it 🙂 But I’m definitely gunning for next year!

Hope you all have an amazing Holidaze and find some time to enjoy your friends, family, good food, wine and good convo because I know we will!

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