The StylnMommy Holiday Gift Guide

I’m a huge fan of the holidays.  I know some folks start bah-humbugging when the red and green decor goes up on November 1st (as orange and black is cast aside for yet another year) but not this mama.  The festive season really gets the planner in me excited – lists, organizing get togethers, planning parties, figuring out menus…love it.

I had a really tough time figuring out a format this Gift Guide – would I do Top 10 items for Women, Men, Kids?  What about Best Fashion, Home Decor, Pet, Lifestyle gifts? Best & Worst?  Under $50? Over $500?

When it comes down to it, the options for Gift Guides are endless – so I figured, why not just find some lovely things that I would want to receive in my stocking and leave it at that!  So if you need help figuring out what to get for a female in your life…hopefully this will help.  Or if worse comes to worse you know what to send over to StylnMommy 😉


Some Christian LaCroix notecards.  As much as I embrace technology (let’s face it, I’m lost without my Blackberry) I’m a strong believer in the authenticity of a handwritten card or note.  These ones will make any fashion-lover smile and are $15.95 at Teatro Verde.


The holidays are about cozying up with fam and friends and a great evening is always had with some STLTO wine.  I held off for a long time on trying this brand since I felt it was super gimmicky but once I did I became a diehard fan of the red.  This gift set is a great hostess gift – for just under $20 you’re getting a bottle of quality vino with a scarf! Can’t go wrong.


Its always fun to dabble with some arts & crafts and one way to let loose your creative juices is on the canvas God (or whoever you believe in) gave ya.  A gorgeous looking eye-shadow set from Stila is worth $366 and is selling at Sephora for the ridonk price of $39.


Before you pooh-pooh my choice of including Uggs in my guide, take a closer look.  These beauts are actually super comfy and cute slippers from the Gap.  What I especially love about these is that you can’t accidentally trip on the stairs while carrying a squirming toddler around since they slip fully on like boots.  $34.95. Just add a fireplace and let the yuletide snuggles begin.


Since we are in maximum snuggle-mode here is the ultimate robe.  I don’t go for gauzy, silky and light robes.  When I want to lounge out we’re talking sherpa, fleece and warmth, baby!  Slippers, robe and hot mug of something. Ahhhh. Oh right, this is $98 at anthropologie. Almost fell asleep there just thinking about the coziness.


Sweet treats are the way to many people’s hearts.  You just can’t go wrong with this Peppermint Bark from Purdy’s.  I did a review on Purdy’s earlier this year and let me tell you – ever since I just can’t go to any other chocolatier.  These are $8.95 and wrapped in a pretty red bow.  Great little stocking stuffer. For stuffing your face.


I love clothing that’s named after people. This is the Owen by Canadian company, Luved Clothing.  I’ve always been a huge fan of stuff you can wear pre-baby, while prego, and post-baby and Luved pieces all fit this criteria.  The new collection is simply divine and each wrap/cardi can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes hence being the perfect item of clothing to purchase for someone else since size really doesn’t matter.  $99 and available online or at the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto.


I actually wasn’t done with my sweet treats suggestions just yet 😉  Here are just a few of the absolutely stunning cupcakes you can get from Bobbette and Belle.  Almost too good looking to eat. Almost.


For the modern girl about town a boring ole nylon bag just won’t cut it.  Check out this leopard version of a laptop bag. $89 will have you carting your techie goods around like a seasoned NYFW-er.  Available at


Sometimes all you are looking for is just that extra little something to add some sparkle (but not too much) to your holiday outfit. Voila – a subtle yet stylish cuff from none other than your fave homegrown Joe Fresh.  Where else but Canada can you pick up some produce and a great outfit at the same time? (Okay, ya got me… NYC…but you get the point) $14.  I also loved many of the necklaces too.


Not sure what to get that finicky teen in your life?  Being irresponsible and fashion-savvy are pretty common traits for many a teen girl.  So replacing her nth pair of lost gloves with these should have you up for Best Mom/Auntie/Cuz.  Available at H&M for$14.95.


This time of year hands (and any other body part covered in skin) get extremely chappy and dry.  And nobody likes to shake hands with a turtle so any lady in your life would appreciate this gift.  It has the lovely smell of something fresh without the offense of, say, a Body Shop gift set. Sorry. Had to do it.  Anyhoo – this brand of hand cream is actually one of the better ones I’ve tried and leaves skin soft and moisturized without greasiness or goop. $40 for this set which is worth $50.


I’ve had the pleasure of taking a cooking class at Dish with Trish Magwood and I thoroughly enjoyed her simplicity and sense of humour.  And her cooking’s not bad either.  Here’s a refreshing take on entertaining at home, something many of us will be undertaking this holiday season.  And she’s Canadian to boot! Available at the Cookbook Store (my absolute fave place to get lost and browse in on a Sunday afternoon) $44.95

So there you have it folks!  Hope this Guide sparked some holiday spirit and gave you some ideas to make that next shopping trip a teensy bit less stressful 🙂  Because after all – tis the season of giving! And all that jazz.


2 Comments to “The StylnMommy Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. I’m a sucker for stationery! what better way to receive cards from your friends by gifting them irresistible sets like this one.

  2. Great list! I want EVERYTHING on it… and I was eyeing those notecards at Teatro Verde a few weeks ago and thinking how fab they are and how you would totally dig them too… Time to go shopping!

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