Purdy’s Chocolates: Review & Giveaway!

When I was given the opportunity from my friends at Purdy’s to review some chocolates I had to really think about it hard…Just kidding!  I’m a lover of all foods, sweets and savouries but I do have a special place in my heart (ahem…tummy) for chocolate.

Things that make you go MMMM

Purdy’s chocolates are all crafted with care in the Purdy’s Chocolate Factory Kitchen which is located in Canada’s own Vancouver, BC!  So take that, Belgium! Not all premium chocs need arrive from Europe 🙂  I was given a ‘chocolate tasting guide’ which I actually did find handy so before beginning I managed to cram some saltines iton my eager gob so as to cleanse the palate and did so between tasting each different type of choc.

Brand: Purdy’s Chocolates – Turona, Sweet Georgia Browns, Hedgehogs and English Toffee

MSRP:  ranges

Key Features:  

– Premium quality chocolates produced in Canada

– Member of the World Cocoa Foundation which supports sustainable cocoa farming

-Canadian owned and family operated business

I Love It Because:  I started off with the newest chocolate from Purdy’s, the Turona.

Lonely....I am so lonely....

As you can see…This was the sole survivor of a massive surprise attack from Hubby.  I had mentioned I was going to review the Purdy’s package but he claims he had a choco-blackout and when he arose, this was all that was left!  I got over my ire once I tasted the Turona.   The chocolate was much creamier than I expected since it looked on the surface to be some sort of hard dark chocolate that would be chewy.  Instead I was treated to a dreamy puree of almond and hazelnut wrapped in a gorgeous French pastry flake.  One word – TODIEFOR.

nom nom

Alrighty onto the next…the Sweet Georgia Browns were also delish however I have to say – they were somewhat of a letdown after tasting the Turona!  However, not to sell them short – if you enjoy nutty, caramelly, chewy goodness in a large chocolate format (I was getting full!) then these are your pick!

The good ole Hedgehogs are everything you want in a simple chocolate:  lovely subtly sweet flavour, smooth texture and bite sized morsels that are (too) easy to eat.  Devoured these in a shamefully short amount of time.

The English Toffee was not pretty to look at, to be honest!  It actually took me awhile to get around to tasting this one because I just didn’t find it visually appealing.  I mean, I didn’t even take a very nice photo of it did I? Boy was I surprised when I bit into it!  I’m not the biggest toffee lover (hate stuff sticking to my teeth) but this one was crispy-crunchy with a velvety taste and texture!  Surprisingly, the toffee bumped Hedgehog into third place for me!

But I Wish It Had:  Really, all I could ask for of Purdy’s was MORE. These chocolates are just divine and would make a perfect gift for me anybody.

So, Reco or No?  YES YES YES. Go out right now and get yourself some Purdy’s if you want to bring an insta-smile to your face (and your tastebuds!)

GIVEAWAY TIME! Wanna win a yummy Purdy’s prize? Purdy’s has offered to send the Winner my favourite pick (Turonas!)  To enter simply follow the instructions below:  Entries accepted until Tue October 11th 2011.

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This Contest is open to Canadian Residents only. I was not compensated for this post and all views and opinions are my own.



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