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October 28, 2011

Im A Creep

Halloween Inspiration:

the enchanted forest by grenbry outhwaite

erwin blumenfeld

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October 19, 2011

Mabel’s Labels: Review & Giveaway!

With the kiddies back to school and daycare, how much time does it take before your LO comes home sans the uber-cute hoodie you just got him/her?!  Losing, misplacing and having other kids take by mistake can all be avoided with Mabel’s Labels.

This group of moms became frustrated with their kids constantly losing their stuff.  They developed Mabels Labels after doing a ton of research and testing to ensure they had simply the best labels out there.

The great thing about these labels is that they are customizable so you can choose colours, symbols and designs to match your kid’s personality and gear.  We went with red/grey/skulls for H.

Brand: Mabel’s Labels

MSRP:  varies depending on set you choose

Key Features:  

– Uv resistant

– dishwasher, microwave, laundry safe

– 100 % satisfaction guarantee

Shoe Labels applied inside footwear

I Love It Because:  I’m a sucker for organizational tools and these are perfect – discreet enough so that you’re kid isn’t advertising his/her name out there for the world to see but clear enough that you won’t be mixing up jackets at the coat pegs!

The fact that all labels are fade/dishwasher/microwave/laundry resistant is the amazing.  All labels I used were tested in the above household helpers and all came out looking as new as when they were thrown in!  The labels also arrived within a day or so of placing my order which was simply fabulous.

But I Wish It Had:  There’s not much to complain about here but the one thing I did find is that the labels are a bit finicky to apply when you need to be careful not to get air bubbles trapped inside on the Tag Mates and since they are quite teeny.

So, Reco or No?  Yes I would highly reco these labels!  Because they come in such a wide variety of sets and packs they are actually a perfect personalized gift for any upcoming kids parties you have to go to!  They are a great combo of being fun for kids (since they can design their own labels) and practical for parents.

GIVEAWAY TIME! Wanna try it for yourself?  Mabel’s Labels is giving away a Back to School Combo  To enter simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know that you have done the following (#1 is your mandatory entry for this contest, the rest are extra entries):  Entries accepted until Wed October 26th 2011.  Canadian residents only.

#1 – ‘Like’ the Mabel’s Labels page here  and the StylnMommy page here and leave comment at the bottom of this post letting me know you’ve done this

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Good Luck!


This Contest is open to Canadian Residents only. I was not compensated for this post and all views and opinions are my own.


October 18, 2011

First Birthday Bashola!

made out of scrap paper

Baby H is officially no longer a ‘baby’.  We had his Halloweenie-themed first bday party over the weekend and of course, he had the biggest meltdown of his life at the beginning!  After a few minutes of warming up to all the freaks dressed up in costumed garb he realized it was going to be the time of his life!  And let the good times roll…

dj lance, superboy & batgirl celebrating our first year as a fam 🙂

I’ve gotta say this past year has been many things:  hilarious, frustrating, too short, too long, annoying, enlightening, enjoyable, sleepless…but most of all this year has been the most rewarding of my life.  H is a total ham and cracks me up all the time.  He is also one of the most impatient and stubborn people I’ve ever met in my life.  The year flew by and hubby and I are looking forward to everything coming up ahead while trying to savour the moments!

When you throw costumes, parachute/balls, a Justin Bieber pinata, an Uncle in drag,  tons of cheesy dollar store decor,  yummy food (and okay, a lil alcohol) in the mix you end up having a pretty darn tootin’ time.  H was all smiles and loved his first taste of cake.

H with some of his pals...cuteness

smores on a stick...will post easy peasy recipe

loot bags are always fun

photobooth fun

skully cuppies

yaaaa! partayyyyy

October 11, 2011

Laser Eye Fail

I have bad eyes.  Now when I say bad…I’m not talking “I need to squint in order to recognize people”-kinda bad.  More in the vein of “Without glasses or contacts everything is an Impressionist/Abstract painting”-sorta bad.

So when the opportunity arose to get some laser eye surgery done – this mama was chompin’ at the bit.

After having a kid, it feels like any extra step in my self-care routine is just taking time away that could be spent..y’know..sitting/eating/sleeping.  And having zero bridge to my nose makes wearing glasses a huge hassle since they just constantly slip down my nose irritating the bejeezus out of me.

I was mentally prepped for my eye ordeal. Or so I thought.

I knew what it entailed.  I did the research.  I popped an ativan for good measure.

After arriving at the clinic sans makeup and wearing my glasses I went through the prep by talking with a clinical counsellor and getting ready for the procedure.  I didn’t really feel nervous until I had to sign a bunch of consent forms.  You never really want to see the words ‘possible blindness’ or ‘chances of death are..’ in anything that you put your John Hancock on but hey its all a part of the process.

All I could think about was how amazing it would be to wake up in the middle of the night, be able to see the kidlet on his video monitor, roll over and go back to sleep.  Or how great it would feel to go swimming without needing to worry about losing a contact.  Or that I’d be much less of a liability should a zombie infestation happen to occur.

Anyhoo – when all was said and done and I was lying on the table in the OR…the nerves did start to kick in.  I had two stress balls they had given me that I’m pretty sure I was squeezing the life out of while they applied the numbing drops and then suctioned my one eyeball ready to go.  Its pretty darn unnerving to have your eyelid forced open and yet lose your vision for a bit.

As I was readying myself for my brand new eyes…the least thing I needed to hear was the Doc mutter “Hmm…I’ve never seen this before..”  To which I shakily responded “Should I be worried?!”

Basically as I lay there with my one eye pried open and a suction cup sticking to it…they discovered that the laser decided to malfunction.  For the first time.  Ever.

All together now – WTF!?

Basically the story ends with me NOT getting my new super eyes and instead having to reschedule.  They couldn’t use the other laser for me since my eyes are just that bad. Ugh.

More than anything else it was a huge letdown.  Not to mention a bummer since I had victoriously thrown away all my contact lenses before my appointment in a pre-emptive happy dance.

What are YOUR experiences with laser eye surgery?!

October 4, 2011

Purdy’s Chocolates: Review & Giveaway!

When I was given the opportunity from my friends at Purdy’s to review some chocolates I had to really think about it hard…Just kidding!  I’m a lover of all foods, sweets and savouries but I do have a special place in my heart (ahem…tummy) for chocolate.

Things that make you go MMMM

Purdy’s chocolates are all crafted with care in the Purdy’s Chocolate Factory Kitchen which is located in Canada’s own Vancouver, BC!  So take that, Belgium! Not all premium chocs need arrive from Europe 🙂  I was given a ‘chocolate tasting guide’ which I actually did find handy so before beginning I managed to cram some saltines iton my eager gob so as to cleanse the palate and did so between tasting each different type of choc.

Brand: Purdy’s Chocolates – Turona, Sweet Georgia Browns, Hedgehogs and English Toffee

MSRP:  ranges

Key Features:  

– Premium quality chocolates produced in Canada

– Member of the World Cocoa Foundation which supports sustainable cocoa farming

-Canadian owned and family operated business

I Love It Because:  I started off with the newest chocolate from Purdy’s, the Turona.

Lonely....I am so lonely....

As you can see…This was the sole survivor of a massive surprise attack from Hubby.  I had mentioned I was going to review the Purdy’s package but he claims he had a choco-blackout and when he arose, this was all that was left!  I got over my ire once I tasted the Turona.   The chocolate was much creamier than I expected since it looked on the surface to be some sort of hard dark chocolate that would be chewy.  Instead I was treated to a dreamy puree of almond and hazelnut wrapped in a gorgeous French pastry flake.  One word – TODIEFOR.

nom nom

Alrighty onto the next…the Sweet Georgia Browns were also delish however I have to say – they were somewhat of a letdown after tasting the Turona!  However, not to sell them short – if you enjoy nutty, caramelly, chewy goodness in a large chocolate format (I was getting full!) then these are your pick!

The good ole Hedgehogs are everything you want in a simple chocolate:  lovely subtly sweet flavour, smooth texture and bite sized morsels that are (too) easy to eat.  Devoured these in a shamefully short amount of time.

The English Toffee was not pretty to look at, to be honest!  It actually took me awhile to get around to tasting this one because I just didn’t find it visually appealing.  I mean, I didn’t even take a very nice photo of it did I? Boy was I surprised when I bit into it!  I’m not the biggest toffee lover (hate stuff sticking to my teeth) but this one was crispy-crunchy with a velvety taste and texture!  Surprisingly, the toffee bumped Hedgehog into third place for me!

But I Wish It Had:  Really, all I could ask for of Purdy’s was MORE. These chocolates are just divine and would make a perfect gift for me anybody.

So, Reco or No?  YES YES YES. Go out right now and get yourself some Purdy’s if you want to bring an insta-smile to your face (and your tastebuds!)

GIVEAWAY TIME! Wanna win a yummy Purdy’s prize? Purdy’s has offered to send the Winner my favourite pick (Turonas!)  To enter simply follow the instructions below:  Entries accepted until Tue October 11th 2011.

#1 – ‘Like’ the Purdy’s Chocolates Facebook page here  AND the StylnMommy page here  leave comment at the bottom of this post letting me know you’ve done this *mandatory entry*

#2 – Follow Purdy’s Chocolates on Twitter @purdyschocolate and Tweet ” @Purdyschocolate #IWant2WINPurdysfav@Stylnmommy ” *extra entry* and leave a comment here to let me know

#3 – Follow StylnMommy on Twitter here *extra entry* and leave a comment here to let me know


This Contest is open to Canadian Residents only. I was not compensated for this post and all views and opinions are my own.


October 2, 2011

Pink Vs. Blue

When Hubby and I got pregnant we knew that we would want to find out the sex of the baby. I mean, sure, we flip flopped around the idea of leaving it as a surprise (the biggest and only real surprise in life according to many) but ultimately we knew that our eager personalities wouldn’t allow for this.

I honestly had no feelings as to what I was having.  Some mothers instinctively know.  I was having a great pregnancy with little or no morning sickness – old wives tales would point towards boy.  I looked up the gender online using a ‘Chinese Gender Predicter’ – which said I was having a girl.  My (significant) baby bump was pointy and grew outwards – another sign of a boy.  Hubby was convinced we were having a girl and that he would be outnumbered by me, Baby girl and Sammie.  So really, I had no idea.

When people asked if I preferred one over the other – I answered honestly and said it didn’t matter as long as the baby was healthy.  And I meant this – really!  We just wanted a healthy happy baby.


Deep down inside, hidden in a dark little crevice (behind the craving I had for buying ridiculously expensive handbags) was the teensy inkling of the thought that I kind of…just a little…preferred a girl over a boy.

There! I said it.

I don’t know if it was a superficial want (I could dress her up in cute little girl clothes, we could play with makeup, I could take her to high tea) or if it was simply because I am a girl and I would be able to relate to her better.  All I know is, the seed was there.

When the big day finally came and we found out we were having a boy – I was elated!  I was so happy just to know.  I could already start imagining him – would he have his daddy’s hazel eyes? Would he have my superloud laugh?  Would he like cars like daddy and granddad?


That hidden part of me that didn’t want to admit it was slightly disappointed.  And I felt tremendous guilt over this.  Was I a bad person for not being as excited as if we were going pink vs. blue? Shouldn’t I just be happy we were having a healthy child?  I never admitted this feeling to anybody because it was unspeakable to be feeling this way when I knew how hard it was for some couples to even conceive.  I definitely didn’t take for granted the fact we were lucky enough to be even having a baby, at the same time I think its healthy to be honest with your own feelings.  We all know nobody’s perfect and my seedling of a little bit of disappointment was a definite ‘Im no star’ moment.

However, as the pregnancy went on the feeling diminished and faded until all I could feel was overwhelming excitement coupled with a large helping of impatience.  I just wanted to meet him already!

When Baby H was born – nothing could prepare me for how much I would love him and how much all of those feelings from before would be reduced to absolute nothingness.  I’ve read a quote somewhere that says something along the lines of when you have a baby, your heart lives outside of you. Or something to that effect.  It is completely true – he is my entire heart in a living, breathing (not so little) body full of spark!

I can honestly say now that there is nothing better than seeing his huge toothy grin, the rough and tumble way he loves to playfight, his constant run-on sentences in baby babble.  And most of all – when he says ‘mama’ (and means it)!  I just can’t imagine him being any other way but himself and now I know for certain that whether girl or boy, pink or blue…at the end of the day you realize you’ve created an entire little person and that is entirely too much to handle 🙂

me & my boy


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