Dinner Party + Baby = Disaster?!

Suspect armed with drool and considered dangerous to dry clean only garments

So things have been a little hectic around these parts, hence the lack of posts!  I’ve been meaning to get this one up for over a week now and seems like every time I try, Baby H is causing some sort of ruckus 🙂

Since he is now acting (and looking!) very much like a toddler, I can’t really get away with calling him Baby H anymore.  He’s got nicknames up the yin yang but for now the one that sticks is Beastie, because of his antics and his devilish smile.

Anyhoo – we were celebrating a friends’ engagement recently and decided to have them over for dinner. Since we have transformed most of our living space into a rec room for Beastie we figured a menu comprised of appis would be a great idea – hand held, bite sized, no cutlery (or table for that matter) needed.

When you have a super active lil guy on the loose you have to roll with the punches.  Gone are the days of sitting back, casually enjoying wine (which, by the way, used to be left on your glass/steel coffee table near the edge without a second thought) for an hour and then convening at a table for a leisurely multi-course meal.

Our appi-dinner party went off splendidly since we:

A) Prepped everything ahead of time – our meal, Beastie’s meal, cleaning up the place, cleaning up ourselves, cleaning up the kidlet

B) All serving dishes were kept high and out of reach.  Made a bit more legwork but avoided any disastrous pulling down of trays/plates

C) Kept copious amounts of good wine flowing so that the excited screeching of Beastie, while appreciated by us parents, could be dulled a bit for the newly engaged couple

I think the most important thing is to keep your sense of humour and realize that things can’t be perfect with a kidlet cruising around trying to grab your guests’ necklace/hair 🙂  Our guests remarked that they didn’t see us both sit down once together at the same time!  This is true but honestly we had a great evening despite the seeming craziness of it all.

The important part is we got to spend a nice evening with good people and Beastie got to be a good little host.

tomatz for the zuke bruchetta

Thai Chili Chicken Croustades

Zucchini Bruschetta


Thai Chili Chicken Croustades – sounds kinda schfancy but actually really simple!

Zucchini Bruchetta – a nice variation on one of my fave appis

Honey Herbed Lamb – Ontario lamb was tastier than the usual New Zealanders we get

Samosas – we cheated here and picked up from a local joint, veggie and then some beef and they were delish

Spinach Raspberry Salad – we succumbed to cutlery here

Ice Cream Sandwiches – homemade chocolate chip cookies trapping some yummy vanilla bean ice cream in between…can’t lie, I ate two.

Though we love dining out with Beastie I’m happy that we figured out a way to entertain in our home while keeping a relative state of zen-ness throughout the whole affair.

What are your experiences with entertaining in your home with a toddler/infant?





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