Cookin’ Greens: Review & Giveaway!

Veggies.  Love em or hate em – they should be a staple of your everyday diet.  A challenging part of figuring out meals is how to serve up a fresh variety of veggies in inventive ways – keeping, of course, to the StylnMommy adage of being convenient and tasty!

Brand: Cookin’ Greens

Key Features:  

– Dark leafy greens, farm picked and within 6 hours – double washed, double blanched and chopped and quick frozen

– The IQF process (individually quick frozen) improves taste, texture and nutritional benefits

I Love It Because:  The concept of having super fresh veggies that are pre-washed and pre-chopped kinda sold me right from the start.  For this recipe I tried out the Designers Mix (collards, rapini, spinach, yellow beans and white onion) and simply added some chopped red peppers that I already had, melted some butter and cooked on the stove top with lemon juice, lots of garlic and salt/pepper for the reco’d 3 minutes.  We served with some sliced up medium-rare steak on top.

For some reason I don’t really cook with yellow beans that often (okay fine…at all!) but was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness.  In fact – all the veggies tasted super fresh.  I have never really been a fan of frozen foods in general but I will definitely be swerving into the frozen foods aisles more after seeing that frozen doesn’t have to mean sodium-laced and dry.  The Cookin’ Greens were yummy and lived up to their mantra of being straight from the farm – I couldn’t tell the difference between the greens and the fresh red peppers that I had picked up from the farmers market.

But I Wish It Had:  I love the idea that you can get fresh greens straight from the farm – but would really love it if they could offer up other farm-fresh goodies!

So, Reco or No?  A big YES.  If you want healthy, convenient and most importantly, tasty veggies then head for Cookin’ Greens.  They offer the Designers Mix, Athletes Mix, Spinach, Kale or Rapini and have new products available coming soon.

GIVEAWAY TIME! Wanna try it for yourself?  Cookin’ Greens is giving away some yummies for the discerning cook of the house!

To enter simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know that you have done the following (#1 is your mandayatory entry for this contest, the rest are extra entries):  Entries accepted until Sun Oct 2nd 2011.

#1 – ‘Like’ the Cookin’ Greens Facebook page here  and the StylnMommy page here and leave comment at the bottom of this post letting me know you’ve done this

#2 – Follow Cookin Greens on Twitter here *extra entry* and leave a comment to let me know

#3 – Follow StylnMommy on Twitter here *extra entry* and leave a comment to let me know

Good Luck and Cheers to Cookin’ Green!

This Contest is open to Canadian Residents only. I was not compensated for this post and all views and opinions are my own.

UPDATE: Contest winner is Alfa – Congrats!  As a reminder, this contest was open to Canadian residents only (see above)



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  10. Ok I rec’d this link but confused why you’d send it when it says the contest closed August 31, 2011!! What’s up with this?
    Thanks A Henry

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