Here’s Your Two Cents Back

As first time parents, M and I have had our fair share of advice – be it warranted or of the other variety.  We definitely appreciate and take into consideration what seasoned parents have to share with us and often get tons of super useful tips and suggestions.  We couldn’t have gone through this first year without all the amazing parental anecdotes and words of wisdom from friends/fam.

What irks me is having people (especially those who don’t even have children of their own) laying their 2 cents on me:

1) Without me asking for it

2) In an aggressive manner

3) With a know-it-all ‘tude

I know that what you’re supposed to do is turn the other cheek, smile, say ‘thanks’ and move on.  But it just about drives me nuts when a childless person will criticize some aspect of my or M’s parenting.  I don’t know if its the bold criticism or the fact that they don’t have their own kid that makes my blood boil but lately I’ve been on the receiving end of this and figured I can’t be the only one out there and wanted to get it off my chest.

I don’t know what it is about having a baby that suddenly opens you up to a ton of judgement.  I’ve always been totally fine with people having their opinions about anything about me- my lifestyle, my clothing, my job, choices I make etc etc…but I definitely feel protective over my parenting skills and my kidlet.

The awesome thing about being a parent is that you are shaping a lil person.  Its a huge responsibility and an honour.  To blatantly criticize or judge the way somebody else does this is hugely inappropriate.  I cherish the fact that I have this opportunity and I feel like I give my absolute all to Baby H – M and I are so lucky to have him and we never take this for granted.

Obviously everybody is entitled to their own opinions – but to all those who like to shoot off their mouths, maybe you’d like to think twice before you spew out some nonsense that passes as advice  to a parent, especially when you don’t have any experience as one.

….Eeps!  Not usually so forceful but thought it was an issue that needed a voice!  What are your experiences with unwarranted advice?



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