When The Cat’s Away…

with CGM

Crazy Granddad

So it has arrived…we will be embarking on our very first overnighter away from Baby H!  I’m excited for the break but obvs a little nervous.  H will be hanging with his CGP’s – Crazy GrandParents 🙂  Hey it was a self-appointed nickname! They are CGP because really, they just love him so much!  They’re insane.  He loves being with them as you can see!

So to prep for this trip I put together fact sheets…Sleep, Food, Emergency and Daily Schedule.  I know, right?!  Speaking of crazy…Honestly, I know that whatever they do H will be fine with his CGPs.  I think its more to aid me and make me feel less antsy about the whole thing.

While putting together the factoids I really came to realize how much time I spend with H and how well I (think) I know him.  It seems like I can anticipate and read his little signals and that our days run smoothly (for the most part) since we’ve got such a little routine going.  Though things change so rapidly at this age, I definitely love being able to be there for all those little moments.

At the end of the day though, as much info as I could pack into excel, I feel lucky that we have people in H’s life who care for him as much as we do and I think he will be thrilled to have some time away from Ama & Dada!

So mamas out there…have you left your LO with sitters overnight yet?  How did you prepare yourself/them?  How old was LO when you left them for the first time?  Would love to hear others’ thoughts!

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3 Comments to “When The Cat’s Away…”

  1. I did the same the first time I left C for the DAY at the sitters. My notes were too funny that I took a picture of it. hahaha. Silly mommies 🙂

  2. p.s. LOVE the pictures esp the one with your mom 🙂

  3. Have fun on your overnighter without H!!! 🙂 Where are you guys going?

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