10 Year Olds + Tiger Skin Rugs Don’t Mix

image via inquisitr.com

I couldn’t resist posting twice in a day when I came across this image.

Am I tired of animal prints?  Over bodycon dresses?  Ready to see a new version of the bouffant?  Well, a little.

But those aren’t the fashion-y issues I’m here to harp about.  The gorgeous model, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, pictured above was featured in Paris Vogue at the tender age of 10 years old.

She’s beautiful – there’s not doubt about that.  She should definitely be in as many ads for Gap, Stella McCartney or Marc Jacobs as she can get.  The kids’ lines though.  You have to admit there is something more than mildly disturbing about a 10 year old reclining on a tigerskin rug wearing heels.

I think this image speaks volumes not only about the increasing speed at which today’s youth are ‘maturing’ but also the absolute obsession of the fashion industry with being young.  Maybe its because I don’t have a girl but it bothers me to see young girls encouraged to wear makeup, heels and dress older than their age because their parents think its cute.

A part of our decision to keep Baby H at home was that we felt he didn’t need to be pushed to be more independent at this age – he has the rest of his life to want to be older and do ‘big boy’ things.  As a new parent, one of the biggest things I have learned is to treasure the time of right now.   This image makes me feel so sad because it’s Toddler’s & Tiaras x 900.

The flip side is that as a ‘girl’ who has slowly but surely made the transition into becoming a ‘woman’ – the pressure to look young is ridonk.  I’m definitely all for taking care of yourself and (as you know by now) being stylish.  But I know that I’m not 22 anymore and hey, thats ok.  As a result, I choose my outfits with what I hope is the effect of looking cute but age-appropriate.  I love getting older because it means more experience.  I look back on my younger years with fond memories but no way in heck would I want to turn the clock back 🙂

Anyways let’s chalk it up to an experiment that has clearly had the intended effect of offending people making a statement.

Okay. Happy weekend. Really this time!


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