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August 31, 2011

Interview with

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A very exciting part of being a mom for me is kids’ fashion these days.  I mean, sure, seeing the first tooth pop out can be sorta a big deal but what about gaucho pants for infants?! *I kid!*

So it is with extreme excitement that I was able to interview the editor for my favourite online kids’s style mag, Priscila Barros of  For me this magazine is the perfect example of marrying style with fantasy and playfulness.  There is nothing worse than seeing child models gussied up to look like mini adults – you won’t see that here in Babiekins.  Instead, the fashion spreads feature gorgeous clothes on super cute kidlets who still look like kids!  They look stylish, happy and like they’re having a great ole time.

 What inspired you to start Babiekins magazine?
I am a mother of 2 young boys and I just felt like there weren’t enough “high fashion” resources for kids or one place to find it all. As a mom I don’t have loads of free time to skip around a million blogs or websites to find beautiful and “new” items for my kids and so I though busy mothers would appreciate a styled magazine with beautiful editorials and a list of must haves all in one place.
Tell us about your own style and your childrens’ style.
My style: Its funny  because now that I am a mom I have toned it down a lot. Before you would see me in wedges all day long and now I have traded those for some havaianas which are more practical when Im chasing after my active kids! I also love to thrift. You can often find me with a thrifted top paired with designer jeans. I also carry this into my childrens wardrobe and through out the magazine. It just doesn’t make sense to buy a $50 top for your 3 year old and then pair it with more designer items. It’s not only expensive but in my mind- ridiculous! Bringing vintage and thrifted finds into a wardrobe adds a little bit of personality to an outfit and I think in the end makes a trendsetter unique!
Brands I love for my kids are Mini and Maximus ( they are super quirky and I LOVE any thing quirky for kids
Bobo choses- who is a popular brand out of Barcelona (Bobo Choses)
and Imps and Elfs! (
Oftentimes as moms (especially new moms) we find it a challenge to even get our buttons done up correctly! Any tips for how to remain stylish while being a busy parent?
Oh MAN! I think the key is to remember that your a new mom! Don’t put pressure on yourself to dress a certain way especially when you are exhausted after waking up every 2 hours to feed your newborn. I found it really key in my wardrobe to have some simple items.
-White tshirt (get one that is a little longer)
These are easy to dress up and down! add a nice chuncky vintage necklace to it and a jacket , skinny jeans and heals and you have a nice outfit to go out in.
-If its long enough ad a belt and some boots and you got a cute little summer dress
-Or just wear it with some comfy slacks for around the house!
What are your favourite places to shop for your babiekins?
I have 3 shops I find myself going to always!
Mash N Gravy who is owned by one of the sweets most genuine people I know and she is also a mother to 2 adorable boys! 🙂
I love little fashion gallery because they carry the best brands all in one place.
I also love the new shop
What would you never dress your child in and why?
I actually have never put jeans on my kids. They are just so active and I think kids need to be comfortable in anything they wear. I dress them in a lot of popupshop pants and pants and shorts from imps and Elfs just because they are SO amazingly made and moveable! Its important to dress them in clothes that move because my boys are always running outside or climbing trees.
White also is something I like to avoid for obvious reasons! 🙂
Do you remember a favourite outfit of yours growing up? 
I had these very cute pink and very 80’s (haha) jumpersuit I use to wear when I was little. It kinda reminded me of the picture in the current issue on page 195and196 on Forever Blue
What are your hopes for the future of Babiekins magazine?
I feel like now we are kinda at a crossroads. We have so many designers and internationally known people and business contacting us in hopes of being in the magazine its just amazing. I just can’t really imagine what is coming next. We would love to make the magazine in a a couple different languages and see it in print and in some boutiques. We have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up in the next year so I guess we will see.
Thanks to Priscila for an awesome interview and for shedding some insight into how she keeps herself and her babiekins well-clad.
Keep your eyes peeled on the mag’s November issue for their Second Annual Cover Contest!
Check out the magazine and let me know your thoughts!
August 30, 2011

When The Cat’s Away…

with CGM

Crazy Granddad

So it has arrived…we will be embarking on our very first overnighter away from Baby H!  I’m excited for the break but obvs a little nervous.  H will be hanging with his CGP’s – Crazy GrandParents 🙂  Hey it was a self-appointed nickname! They are CGP because really, they just love him so much!  They’re insane.  He loves being with them as you can see!

So to prep for this trip I put together fact sheets…Sleep, Food, Emergency and Daily Schedule.  I know, right?!  Speaking of crazy…Honestly, I know that whatever they do H will be fine with his CGPs.  I think its more to aid me and make me feel less antsy about the whole thing.

While putting together the factoids I really came to realize how much time I spend with H and how well I (think) I know him.  It seems like I can anticipate and read his little signals and that our days run smoothly (for the most part) since we’ve got such a little routine going.  Though things change so rapidly at this age, I definitely love being able to be there for all those little moments.

At the end of the day though, as much info as I could pack into excel, I feel lucky that we have people in H’s life who care for him as much as we do and I think he will be thrilled to have some time away from Ama & Dada!

So mamas out there…have you left your LO with sitters overnight yet?  How did you prepare yourself/them?  How old was LO when you left them for the first time?  Would love to hear others’ thoughts!

Ohhh and ONE MORE DAY to enter the Giveaway sponsored by Life Choices!  Click Here to enter 🙂  Good luck and keep your eyes out for the next review/giveaway coming up this week.

August 24, 2011

Life Choices: Review & Giveaway!

Let’s face it – whether you’re a stay at home or working parent, “What’s for dinner?” can be such a loaded question.  There are the days where I manage to eke out a home cooked meal from scratch for hubby and I with Baby H taking long and leisurely naps…then there are the other 99% of the days 🙂

quick, easy, yummy - best of all healthy!

Life Choices Natural Foods is a health food company based out of Toronto with the mandate of “Making the Right Choices Easy”.  They basically provide kid-friendly, healthy alternatives to the foods that families want to eat – mac & cheese, pizzas, nuggets, meatballs and pierogies.  When I was given the chance to sample some of these natural convenience foods I was excited but actually a bit skeptical because, really – how good can frozen food taste? And how healthy can it actually be?

I sampled the chicken nuggets and chicken strips since after being around a range of boys aged 3-10 M and I have become quite the chicken nugget connoisseurs.

Brand: Life Choices Natural Foods – Chicken nuggets and strips

MSRP:  $10.99 each

Key Features:  

– Premium quality chicken, vegetable-grain fed raised without antibiotics or animal byproducts

– Custome multigrain coating includes flax, whole grain and oats providing sources of Omega 3 and fibre

I Love It Because:  First of all, this meal was a breeze to throw together.  Anything oven-cooked is a mom’s best friend and this was no exception.  The chicken cooked in the oven for 18 minutes at 400 and I had thrown in some chopped taters/onions with some salt/pepper/garlic powder/paprika beforehand.  Added a salad and voila – dinner was served.

The chicken wasn’t as browned as I expected it to be.  It was, however, very moist!  I figured with the crusty coating that it looked a bit dry but was pleasantly surprised.  The coating was tasty but didn’t seem to be over-flavoured which is something I hate.  M enjoyed his and we both concurred the nuggets for some reason were tastier than the strips (though you would think they would be similar?!)

But I Wish It Had:  …and I’m stuck! Can’t really think of anything these bad boys are missing.

So, Reco or No?  Definitely gonna have to give these the thumbs up.  For a healthy and tasty QUICK meal for your family, you’ll want to run out to your local Pusateris (or one of these other stores) and grab yourself some of these.  I am actually very excited to try the pizzas which my store didn’t have on hand at the time I was there.  You can’t really go wrong here and you can feel good that even though you’re not crafting a meal from scratch – you’re still serving your fam something wholesome and yummy!

GIVEAWAY TIME! Wanna try it for yourself?  Life Choices Natural Foods is giving away an awesome insulated lunch tote chock FULL of their  yummy healthy products!  To enter simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know that you have done the following (#1 is your mandatory entry for this contest, the rest are extra entries):  Entries accepted until Wed August 31st 2011.

#1 – ‘Like’ the Life Choices Facebook page here  and the StylnMommy page here and leave comment at the bottom of this post letting me know you’ve done this

#2 – Follow Life Choices on Twitter here *extra entry* and leave a comment to let me know

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#4 – Sign up for the Life Choices e-newsletter here *extra entry* and leave a comment to let me know

Good Luck and Cheers to Healthy, Easy Meals!

This Contest is open to Canadian Residents only. I was not compensated for this post and all views and opinions are my own.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Alfa!  Winner chosen by


August 23, 2011

Dog Days Are Almost Over…

I’ve always been a Fall-ish person but I really do love the simplicity of being able to pull on a dress and just go.

With cooler temps approaching I’m finding every excuse to wear all my pretty summer dresses before its time to pull out the sweaters.

Dress – Free People

Sandals – Stella McCartney 


August 22, 2011


don't look at me

teal golf shirt & jeans – BabyGap



August 17, 2011

Tarte for True Blood

Pretty case and instruction booklet

inside the instruction booklet

oooh colouring time!

slide out drawer with primer, eyeliner & mascara

Brand:  Tarte Cosmetics

MSRP: $68 CDN (retail value of $331 USD if sold separately)

Key Features: 17 full sized eyeshadows, 1 eyeshadow primer, 1 black mascara, 1 black gel eyeliner

before makeup and before coffee...deadly combo

ah....that's much better! Coffee in hand & face on

I Love It Because:  Well first of all, I’m a makeup junkie!  Especially eye makeup.  Give me a good dark eyeliner/shadow anyday and I’m good to go.  Which is a good thing because since becoming a mom, the dark shadow goes well with the dark circles under my eyes 🙂  I’ve tried a bajillion different brands of eyeshadow and since trying Tarte a few years ago I’ve become an avid fan of their shadows.  The texture is nice and velvety with lots of deep pigmentation so you don’t have to use a ton of the stuff.

The application was terrific as always and the handy instruction booklet was actually put to use!  I decided to try the Not Your Average Waitress for an everyday look with a bit of ‘pow’.  It took less than 5 minutes which I love since I’m pressed for time these days.

The eyeliner went on smoothly and felt nice and cool to the skin.  I didn’t have a problem with tearing up under the eye but this could be because I’m used to using eyeliner.

Each and every colour will be used – unlike many other palettes where they throw in a couple of juicy colours and then you have a bunch of duds!

But I Wish It Had:  Would have been lovely if it came with some brushes and one or two lip colours or a gloss.  The mascara wasn’t the greatest but will do in a pinch if you don’t have anything else around.

So, Reco or No? :  Well, I know I’ve been on a bit of a ‘yes’ kick lately but I’m not breaking that trend here because this palette is simply awesome.  If you are into dark and dramatic colours even for your everyday look then I would strongly reco hitting up your closest Sephora and snagging one of these bad boys up.  I do enjoy that it is a very portable size for travelling too. Vamp it up ladies!

August 16, 2011

Ever Been to the Bowmanville Zoo?

  Took an impromptu little trip to Bowmanville Zoo and Baby H was just loving being around all the animals!  His faves were the crazy goats crowding around trying to eat everything in sight including his toesies 🙂

Great little spot if you want free parking, lots of shade and not too much walking. A nice alternative to the Metro Toronto Zoo which can be a bit much for a baby who won’t sleep in the car/stroller 🙂  We got to see all the requisite animals and the lion feeding up close as well as a super cuddly baby cheetah!  Don’t ask me what that animal in the middle picture is…we think its an anteater of some sort but it was uber creepy/fascinating. Anyways if you’ve never been…you should check it out.




August 15, 2011

Evergreen Brickworks = Fresh Din


This past Saturday our lil fam went to check out the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market.  Ever since we lived in Roncy I’ve been a fan of getting fresh produce, cheese, pastries, you name it! Straight from the source.

This venue is awesome and Baby H had a blast chatting (okay, babbling) to all the people and grabbing at their wares 😉

He especially loved the spooky old train tracks and the kiddies area with the teepees.

Here’s what we got and dinner tasted extra froosh that night:

Hi my name is Trouty...I was caught the day before

Here I am with my zucch & pepper compadres

Trout was cooked simply:  melted butter on top with lemon juice, dill, ginger and garlic. Baked in oven for about 20 minutes and garnished with green onions.

Zucc & red peppers were marinated in olive oil, paprika, black pepper and garlic powder and roasted for about 35 minutes.

August 15, 2011

Jedi Master In Training

  He uses his Jedi mind tricks to get his way…

Long sleeved shirt Junk Food Tees for Gapkids

Green cargos The Childrens Place

Black/white skullie sock/shoes The Bay

August 11, 2011

Currently Musing On: Wednesday Adams

I’ve been feeling Fall-ish lately.

I know – how is that even remotely possible with the blistering heat, BBQs and weekend swims?

Well as one who (for better or worse) likes to think ahead, Fall and its whispered promises of layers, boots and cardis has seduced me into dreaming about the perfect black dress.

I’ve totally been musing on Wednesday Adams and I can’t wait to find the perfect long sleeved, black and lacy mini dress.

Here are some picks so far:

elise overland img.

img courtesy

nightcap img

free people img.

Anyways…I suppose I should just chill and revel in whats left of Summer 2011…but I look forward to breaking out the black lace soon!


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