Food Truck Eats

before the crowds

pulled pork & brisket Buster Rhinos Southern BBQ

catfish taco and lobster sammie

Canada Day weekend was lotsa fun – nothing like seeing friends & fam and BBQing til you can’t stand the smell of smoking ribs anymore! (if that is at all even  possible).

We checked out the Food Truck Eats event at Distillery District Saturday morning.  We anticipated it drawing a killer crowd so we got there before 11 when the food would start to be served.  Boy were we right!  Instead of the anticipated 500 people showing up, over 3000 eager Torontonians got their eat on.

Awesome weather and one of my fave spots in the city combined with yumminess everywhere made for a great lil saturday morning treat.  We didn’t get to sample everything because lineups became ridonk, but we did get to try the goodies above along with some fan-frickin-tastic grilled cheeses (one of my absolute fave foods) from Gorilla Cheese :  the best IMO being the marscapone, strawberry, hazelnut spread served on raisin toast!!!! Ahhh! Just thinking about it makes me drool.  Also tried the viet sandwiches and some of our group got to sample the gourmet popsicles.

Totally led me to dream about opening up my own truck!  Would make it super cute and troll around the city serving up smiles and some yummies!!! What would YOU serve if you had a gourmet food truck?!



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