Dad-chelor Parties…Yay or Nay?


Some of you may have heard of the ‘dadchelor’ party phenomenon that is sweeping our fair nation.  Stressed out fathers-to-be get to let loose for ‘one last night’ (or weekend) before the Baby arrives and life as you know it ends…

That’s how they’re selling it anyways.  If this is supposed to be the answer to a mom-to-be’s baby shower, it seems somewhat skewed and unfair.  Hmm let’s see, DTB (dad to be) gets a raucous drunken night out with the boys and MTB (you guessed it) gets to be photographed during possibly the least most flattering time of her life and given gifts that aren’t even for her.  Ah yes, not to mention the absence of any sort of raucous behaviour (unless putting a toilet paper diaper on an adult woman counts!)

Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing time at my baby shower.  My family and friends truly did ‘shower’ us with thoughtful and sweet gifts for Baby H.  I loved showing off my (big) belly, eating scrummy food and yes, even seeing everybody in those toilet paper diapers 😉

But as a formerly prego woman, I remember hormones running rampant as the impending day came and I don’t know if I would appreciate DTB celebrating future fatherhood by stumbling home in the am with beer-breath.

The way M and I see it, parenthood isn’t about the giving up of a former life so much as it is the embracing of a new chapter.  Sure, we might not be able to go out and party as often as we used to, maybe we eat our meals in shifts now at 6pm, and at this point having spitup on our shirts doesn’t even phase us.  Yet we still find the time to each go out with our friends and relax when we can, have date nights (even if its at home, with a movie, takeout and a bottle of vino!) and take some time alone to recuperate.

But the best part of our new chapter is being able to snuggle and laugh with this insane lil creature and watch him grow every single day.  So I guess in this way I don’t necessarily agree that DTB needs one specific night to party away his babyless existence…maybe instead of such a Hallmarky commercialized event he can just rest assured that life doesn’t end with Baby…it gets better 😉


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