To The Fathers In My Life…

musta been the '70s!

Me, Dad & Alex

Now he's a Granddad

Everybody’s heard that expression ‘Daddy’s little girl’ right?  Well I have definitely grown up as Daddy’s little princess but with a twist. From day 1, my dad has always called me Princess but would teach me martial arts (he has a blackbelt, watch out now!) give me lessons on street smarts (eg. if walking home alone at night, a common set of house keys can easily be used as brass knuckles) and instilled a slight sense of paranoia that has always ensured I am constantly ‘aware of my surroundings’.

My dad has been a huge driving force behind all the creativity and imagination I have.  He has always been an avid reader and would read to me from an early age – this love of books has definitely been passed along and I now read all the time to Baby H.  I love and admire my Dad for many things but mostly for his strength and constant encouragement – Thanks Dad for really being the best father a girl could ask for.  His love and kindness has found a new lil focus nowadays – Lucky Baby H!

M and his mini me...

Just the two of us

The other Father in my life is my hubby, M.  From the day I showed him the pee stick til now, M has been Baby H’s number one fan.  Having had a ‘baby’ in our life already with Sammie  M already showed himself to be the ‘Fun’ parent.  He has always had the innate ability to get animals and kids super excited and this has not changed a bit since Baby H came into the picture!  Nobody can make Baby H cackle and double over (if a baby can do so, whilest lying down) with laughter like he can.  He is constantly inventing curious games that the two of them play and when I walk into the room they stop and give me that ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

M surprises me everyday with his sweet ways of interacting with Baby – I know he is (and will continue to be) such an awesome daddy and that Baby H and Mama feel super lucky despite our seemingly ongoing reminders, ‘tips’ and worrisome remarks while the two of them are alone 😉

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you Dads, Granddads, Uncles, Step Dads and other father figures out there!



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