To Do List (s)

hey party people, im ready for summer!

Im a big list maker. Some of the lists on my bb include the following:

things to get with aeroplan points

questions to ask dr at next Baby H apt


Baby H Clothing Needs

books to read

lunch/dinner ideas

Fascinating I know, but anyways you get the point.

Well – I have also started a list of things ‘to do’ this summer and here it is…I’m pretty excited that I crossed off a couple! But even more excited to get going on the rest…

Get a good camera

Learn how to use said camera

Fun baby activities with Baby H (ongoing)

Weekly playdates


Street Festivals

Go to Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens/as many parks & trails as we can

As many patios as possible!

Revisit my sketchbooks and start drawing again

SO. Now that my list is public I feel like I have responsibility not only to myself but to whoever reads this to actually make good on my mini goals. Most of them are fun anyways so it shouldn’t be that hard – but I guess you’d be surprised how quickly time goes by with the regular daily routines and then wham – next thing you know its Christmas and you’re still contemplating seeing the Fall colours.

Happy Monday All Ya’ll!  Hope you are all enjoying this gorg burst of sunshiney loveliness.

(Post Script:  The photo really has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was squishy and cute 😉 Baby H loves being nekkid)




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