Style Icons, Haute Hobos or Both?

I admit, when I was younger I detested the Olsen twins. Like really, couldn’t stand to watch Full house because I always felt they bore a disturbingly close resemblance to Troll dolls.  Even just typing that out makes me shudder because its unnecessarily cruel.

Anyways fast forward a few years and I’ve become an avid fan of the Olsen’s sense of style.  Whether its grabbing a coffee (as they are wont to do often according to the paps), attending art gallery openings or working on their various (super successful) fashion lines The Row or Elizabeth and James they are always interestingly clad in outfits that totally inspire me.

Many of you will disagree and point out that they, in actuality, dress like hobos.  Haute hobos, but still, hobos nonetheless.

I suppose its the ‘devil may care’ attitude with which they throw their looks together that appeals to me.

So Cheers to you, MK & Ashley – may you continue to grace us with your messy locks, oversized bags, and of course, Starbucks.  For your everyday fix of MKA check out this fab blog.

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One Comment to “Style Icons, Haute Hobos or Both?”

  1. haute hobos w/ hermes and chanel… swoon… love them post-full house. but during full house their ‘cut it out’ routine was barf-inducing..

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