Got My Hair Did, StylePantry Feature Etc.

ombre hair

Happy Long Weekend ya’ll!  As many new mommies can relate, your own appearance (well-being, basic needs etc ) take a back seat to your new lil bundle’s every whimper or cry.  Well, 7 months down the road and my hair desperately needed some attention.  I’ve been trying to break out of my mommy-hair-rut for awhile now and with summer almost here (i know, you’re thinking, really?! not with this rain…) I figured it was time to lighten up a bit.

I’ve been admiring the ombre/balayage styles for awhile now and finally got some time to deal with the mess on my noggin.

As you can see it goes from dark (natural colour) to a medium brown to a light blonde.  After many an hour in the chair (and many frantic texts from Hubby who was watching a very irate Baby H) we even managed to get some white-blond chunks in the back!

Overall I’m happy with my new summery look – I feel lighter (literally, my hair before weighed a ton! we cut like, fifty inches off).  Baby H took a long time to study my new locks and even touched them thoughtfully, not quite sure what to make of it all.

Also in related news – I’m wearing the Joe Fresh dress that was one of my featured looks in the awesome StylePantry last week!  I’m honored they chose to feature yours truly.  My looks were a mix of designers Ella Moss, Citizens of Humanity, Joe Fresh, H&M, Frye, Rodarte for Target, Paige, Parker, Modern Vintage.  The funniest has to be Hubby taking the photos of me and directing me to ‘look happier’ or ‘go for moody’. Who knew he had it in him?!

Hope you all take some time this weekend for yourselves to relax and enjoy whatever it is you’re up to!


2 Comments to “Got My Hair Did, StylePantry Feature Etc.”

  1. LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait to see you 🙂 You look fantastic!

  2. looks amazing!!! completely milf-tastic! btw belated congrats on sexy bloggers over 30… the move made me so behind on keeping up with stylin mommh… you barely look over 21…

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