TV – Our Dirty Little Habit

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Pre-baby I’m sure I probably made some pretty sweeping generalizations that only non-parents can make:

“I’m never going to use a pacifier/let my baby watch tv/be that person with the screaming baby in a restaurant/have a rigid nap schedule..etc etc.”

Of course, once I had a kidlet of my own I realize how ignorant and silly it is to make any sort of assumption whatsoever that you will know ahead of time what will and won’t work for you and your baby.  If there’s one thing completely predictable about a baby is that he/she will be completely unpredictable and constantly changing!

So here we are, 7 months later. Baby H uses a pacifier to go to sleep, has a (albeit rough) nap schedule, has screamed in a restaurant and yes, horror of horrors, watches tv.

Let me qualify this by saying I definitely don’t plop him in front of the electronic babysitter and go about my day (as if he would let me!).

What ends up happening is that while I keep it on in the background with music playing, HGTV or the Food network (which he loves, greedy little thing) – he will inevitably catch some of it and once in awhile he will sit/lie there and look for a bit.  He has actually started to laugh when he sees something that he finds funny (animals usually, or Waybuloo!).  He’ll usually get maybe 5 minutes in max and only depending on his mood.

Anyways – does this make me a ‘bad parent’?  Well, I’m sure there are parents out there who don’t allow any tv for their babies/kids. And then on the other end of the spectrum – those who can’t get through a day without it!

I’d say we are somewhere in the middle.  I definitely don’t think its harmful for Baby H to see a little bit of it here and there.  I find the background noise soothing as opposed to the empty echoes of our home sans Daddy.  And there is only so much running commentary I can do (Mommy is loading the dishwasher now… hum…oh look at this…Daddy left his drycleaning in a pile on the nice…I guess Mommy has to take care of that now too…Mommy has a splitting headache and why isnt the Keurig going faster? Mommy needs her coffee..) and so on and so on.

So I suppose I don’t think it’s terrible that Baby H gets some tele-time.

Now how to get him to get over his obsession with remote controls?!….


2 Comments to “TV – Our Dirty Little Habit”

  1. “S” was around 1 year before we let her watch t.v…. “L” was probably 2 days old.. and he often watches UFC with daddy. So really, who am I to judge?? lol.

    Do what works best… and if you can make it through Waybaloo without poking out your eyes, or stuffing cotton in your ear… hats off to you 😀 I admit, that one drives me bonkers. We do love dancing to the Wiggles though.

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