Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up!

Babies K, S, S, F & H! Hilarious pic

In my ongoing quest to keep Baby H entertained and happy, I signed us up for baby sign language classes (har har).

My first experience with baby sign was at our music class where I felt like I had stepped into the twilight zone since every other mom in the class knew sign and was fervently gesturing away to each song.  Though at this point we had already enrolled in the sign class I was feeling a bit out of the loop since it hadn’t started yet; so I kind of half heartedly waved my hands around or fussed with Baby H’s zipper in an attempt not to look like the loser-mom who didn’t even know how to sign ‘hello’. (FYI its like waving from your forehead)

ANYWAYS… at BSL this particular group of mommies and I all have one thing in common – BIG BABIES (the exception being darling preemie Baby K who is literally doll-like gorgeous) Though the ages range from 6 months-10 months all our babes look like they are 1  yr+!   Momma S thought it would be hilarious if all the babies learn sign and could sign to each other.  I, on the other hand, would be excited if Baby H could even just tell me ‘more’ milk! I’d be ecstatic.

There’s a great format for this particular class since the teacher teaches a group of us in one of our homes – perfect since its a relaxed and informal atmosphere with comfy places for baby and momma alike to hang out, breastfeed, play, chat.

First of all, I have mad respect for anybody who has mastered sign language. After struggling with the first half of the alphabet (who knew pinky fingers just won’t bend the way you want them to?!) I started to sweat thinking ‘Nevermind Baby H learning this…I can barely string together a sentence without my hand cramping up.’  But as the session went on and we sang some songs and became more familiar with everything it came a lot quicker than I thought it would.

We learned some key signs. ‘Milk’. ‘Momma’. ‘More’. ‘Time’.’All Done’. oh and the best one..’Sleep’!

So in essence I could sign a crucial first sentence: Time to Sleep because Momma’s All Done!

I actually got quite excited when Baby H started waving his hands around! I mean, he was overtired and wanted to go home but I’m pretty sure he was trying to tell me something 😉

Well we learned quite a bit and its always nice to get together with other mommas and babies and let them all roll around.

Oh yeah and trying to get that photo was possible the funniest part of the whole shebang. Let’s just say it was a case of ‘crying dominoes’!

Anyways, watch out music class, because this week Stylinmommy’s coming in strong ready to sign away!!!


One Comment to “Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up!”

  1. I loved baby signing 🙂 well done, looks fun! lol love baby S face – he’s not having any of it!


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