6+ Months Ago…

I was sitting in my underwear on our couch lamenting the passing of each day sans baby *Note:  as clothing became too restrictive for my humongoid belly, undies became my home-uniform*.

To call me impatient is an understatement.   Most everything I do, I do quickly.  I’m a speed reader (can easily polish off a book in a couple of hours), I eat like I’m being timed in Man vs. Food, and I am probably a bit too brisk with the dishes (Hubby will let you know in no uncertain terms how many times he’s found a dish in the rack with some suspect looking smudges on it).

With this in mind, imagine me waiting for Baby H to arrive.  His due date was Oct. 11 or thereabouts.  In my mind, he was coming end of September.  I was convinced I was having an anniversary baby (Ours is Sept. 21.) As each day (and hour, and minute) ticked by with no sign of imminent labour, my patience wore exceedingly thin.

Every night when Hubby got back from work it was a game of “I think I feel a contraction!” …only to be met (after 20+ such exclamations) with barely a nod.

As the due date came and went, emotions ran amok.  I started to get super weepy watching TLC’s ‘A Baby Story’ and yet couldn’t tear myself away from my daily routine.  I just felt like I was done already and wanted to meet the little person kicking up a storm in my belly.  Every night I laid awake thinking about when it would happen.  I would toss and turn (okay fine, roll a bit from side to side) thinking I was feeling it finally happen.

We went in to see my OB on our due date and after doing a sizing ultrasound I almost passed out when I saw the weight they predicted – 10lbs 12 oz.  Hubby laughed and said there was absolutely no way our child would be that big and that there had to be a mistake.  Anyways, we scheduled a C section for the next day (What if we waited and he grew *gasp* even bigger?!)

The eve of the birth we decided we would go for our ‘Last Nice Meal’ as a baby-less couple.  As I barely squeezed myself into the booth we talked about how excited we were but how our lives were going to change forever in the next 24 hours.  We wondered what he would look like, what his personality would be like, how we would cope as new parents.  It was a great way to spend our evening before the birth.

The day of the birth was a complex cocktail of emotions for both of us.  We were so excited but also nervous.  I was determined to give a natural birth a go despite the potential size of baby.  After 12 hours of labour we ended up having a C section…

*a flurry of indescribable feelings and graphic details later…*

The best part of my life was born.

Here we are 6 months later 🙂 Was just thinkin about how amazing its been and, despite my usual tendency to rush things, how I am trying to take every day slowly and ‘cherish’ each moment.  I guess you could say Baby H has taught me a couple of things and this is one of the big lessons – Don’t rush and take your time ‘cos things will happen when they happen 🙂

on baby: argyle vest 'Childrens Place' on mama: floral dress 'Forever 21'


One Comment to “6+ Months Ago…”

  1. Love this post! You went through the emotions of it all so well. I’m learning the same thing too – to toss away my mile-long ‘to do’ list and just enjoy this time. It goes fast…we must soak it up. Happy 6 month H (although a tad belated)!

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