Hair Crisis Update: Is balayage the answer?!

Alright, alright…so one of my very first posts was a cry for help re. my mommy-do.

Despite getting major votes for shaving half my head I never did end up committing to that look.  I’m somewhat fickle when it comes to things like that and by the time the votes came in I was already over the pseudo-punk style (tho I give huge props to those that can pull it off).

So now what?!  My rat’s nest of a head has been growing and growing and…like a weed…growing some more.

My latest hair obsession has been some balayage action.  Similar (but vastly cooler) than the look sported in early 2000’s (the noughties as some call em) of bleached or darkened ends/highlights, this style requires probably a few hours in the chair combined with complete and utter faith in your stylist.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

So what do we think, people?!  Help me out here…Is this worth getting a sitter for a few hours?!  I figure when I tie the hair up (as I inevitably will end up doing most days) there will be some interesting colouration going on.  And when I actually deign to leave it down, I may end up looking as cute as one of the above ladies at least in the hair department 😉  AND most importantly…no need to fret about root touchups!

All I can say is thank gawd the messy ballerina bun is back in style cos that’s been my mainstay since Baby H came along 🙂


4 Responses to “Hair Crisis Update: Is balayage the answer?!”

  1. What happened? No poll?! As you’ve already stated my two sense is probably too late….DO it!


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