Trailer Park Livin’

image courtesy of, alexander wang 2008 spring lookbook

image courtesy of

image courtesy

Totally having one of my trailer-park moments.  I go through these periodically and the fantasy always involves a cute dress/cut off shorts, boots (Frye, natch, since I already have 3 pairs) long dishevelled hair and sunset.

Was loving the idea so much that a few years back looked into renting an airstream trailer for Hubby’s then late-twenties bday.  The idea fell through but we did end up taking a road trip to the Catskills and stayed at this 50’s themed hotel run by former B52 singer, Kate. See – it was honestly a great experience. We ate a ton, drank about as much, and crunched leaves along long winding mountain roads. For those who want to explore somewhere with delicious gourmet food side by side with burger joints and who don’t mind the 9 hour drive – head to the Catskills!

image courtesy where we stayed


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