Update: Sleepin’ Like A Baby…Oxymoron(ic) Phrase!

Whoever coined that phrase did not have Baby H in their house 🙂

So here’s an update on H’s sleep training.  Since he came home from the hospital the lil dude has never been a good sleeper.  While we have been blessed with a baby that eats well, the napping/nighttime sleeps were a serious battle.

After trying many many different methods of sleep training, around 4.5 months we decided to try CIO. Our pead had advised that he was growing like a weed and thriving so we were good to go.

We got to Day 5 and it seemed like it was going on forever! Baby H is nothing if he’s not stubborn. ‘Tenacious’ is how Hubby describes him.  Love this about his personality – except when the crying goes on for what feels like forever and mama has a panic attack in the other room.  I was starting to resent reading online about how CIO had worked in 3 days for other parents, or how the crying would go down to 10 minutes the second night…

Anyways, long story short – he got a cold so we stopped the CIO and put him to bed with paci.

Before the sleep training had commenced – even sleeping with paci was a production that took between 1-3 hours to get him to sleep. However, miracle of miracles…he fell asleep immediately! No crying.

Ever since, we have been doing our nighttime routine (wrestle on bed with Daddy, bath, massage, books, bedtime song, bf) and then putting him to bed and *knock on wood, fingers crossed, don’t wanna jinx it* he has been going to sleep!

He will wake to feed once or twice a night which, honestly, I don’t mind at all.  This is a FAR cry from waking up every hour and constantly tossing/turning all night.  And then he wakes up happy and smiling in the morning 🙂

The point of this post isn’t to brag or boast about how amazing my baby sleeps now – he still has his off nights and naps are still a battle.  Hopefully what you’ll take from this is that, no matter how terrible of a sleeper you may have, just know that there is hope and that, although it may take longer than others or might require a lot more patience, you will eventually reach a point where you and babe are sleeping better.  This may mean for one mum getting 4 collective hours in a row (first time this happened I woke up in a daze having had no more than 2 in a row for 4 months!) and for another getting a full 6 or 7 hours!

Sleep has been a battle for us but I feel like we are starting to see the light!!! GAhhhh!!!! 🙂 As we approach 6 months and the next growth spurt I expect this may change.  Hope that whether its eating, sleeping, pooping or whatever your stress is with babe that you are able to work through it, mamas!

(So scared to post this for fear of ‘jinxing’ our streak! I’m throwing a cup of salt over my shoulder!)


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