Livin life one quarter hour at a time…

Remember ‘The Fast and the Furious’? Ya know, the movie that had irresponsible teenagers speeding out of the theatre lot in their minivans and civics with techno beats a-blasting?

Anyways, they lived life ‘one quarter mile at a time’…or something to that effect. (Don’t have the wherewithall to look up actual quote).

Well my lack of blogging lately has been due to the fact that Baby H has decided he will only nap a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes at a time. Giving me about enough time to run to the bathroom, shower, eat or drink some water. Not all at the same time mind you. These events are separated by nap. Meaning its take me about a whole day to manage to accomplish what most people do in their average morning.

H has decided he loves being up and finds momma fascinating to play with. Im flattered. Really! And he is a joy to be around and to play with. His cackling laughter is seriously the best sound in the entire multiverse.

However. One has things one would like to do sometimes…like shop online…or blog…or laundry/cook/tweeze eyebrows.

So – there you have it. My excuse for not posting 🙂 We have a crazy busy week ahead of us so hopefully we’ll have some interesting hijinks to recount.

Happy Weekend!


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