A Girl’s Best Friend(s)

seven cuppies for seven girlies

Growing up I remember reading books like Sweet Valley High, Are You There God, Its Me Margaret, Babysitters Club..etc. etc. (I also was a huge LOTR fan in Grade 2 but thats besides the point. Yes, Grade 2…I was an uber-nerd and had the coke bottle glasses to prove it).

Throughout all the various topics covered in these pre-teen lit. masterpieces (boys, periods, first kisses, boys, first bras, boys) the one overarching theme was that of friendship. 

This post, as smushy as those cupcakes over there, is dedicated to a girl’s best friends.  I’ve been amazingly lucky enough to have grown up with a circle of close girlfriends who have remained tightknit since highschool. 

Despite the fact that we are all females (take that as you will) we haven’t had to deal with the cattiness/pettiness of your typical group of girlfriends.  I attribute this to the vast variety of personality types our group is comprised of.  

The ladies have managed to keep it all together despite our increasingly hectic lives (careers, babies, moving out of town, getting married, etc.etc.) and let’s face it, keeping up friendships can be difficult as life throws more at you day by day.  With a new babe, maintaining a functional strong marriage is a feat in itself!

So in order to ensure that we keep the girltime a priority, we made a deal that whoever is free gets together on the last Sunday of every month to catch up.  Getting all of us together at once can be a challenge but at least this way we can gab away an afternoon with a few of the girls.  How very Joy Luck Club of us, you may think – but hey, whatever works!  Its a treasured (I know, cheese) thing to have friends that you know you can rely on and we do what we can to maintain it. 

And hey, having an excuse to enjoy a cocktail ain’t so bad either.

Anyways – this Stylinmommy is very grateful for her ladies…as the Spice Girls would say, Girl Power!


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