Second-Chance Sammie

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star crossed lovers for life

This post is dedicated to our other baby, Sammie.  When we lived in Roncesvalles I was obsessed with getting a dog.  I had wanted one for awhile but the yearning grew evermore stronger living in such a dog-friendly neighbourhood (right next to a leash free park, no less!).

Hubby humoured me and we went to go see various dogs – a chihuahua included. But we never really felt the connection with one until we met Sammie.

Sammie was in the very last cage at Toronto Animal Services (at CNE). Immediately her big brown eyes shone as she saw us – no barking, just a big hopeful smile and a tail that wagged so hard the end was bloody.

Then we saw it. Her entire back had no fur and horrible pink burn marks.  The burns extended from her back up to the tips of her ears. It was honestly one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life and the fact she was still happy amazed us.  We decided we would take her for a walk to get to know her.

Well – that one walk was enough to make us fall in love. She was so happy go lucky and excited to be outside and kept looking back up at us as if to say ‘See?! We belong together!’.

We left knowing we would bring Sammie home with us. 

The background story is this:  She was 5 months when we met her at the shelter.  She had been in and out since she was 6 weeks old – her burns were a result of an abusive owner who was in and out of jail.  He had burned her with boiling water and bleach.  She looked so terrible that the chances anybody would adopt her were slim.  My heart broke a million times.  We had to have her.

The next day I went back and completed the adoption process.  We ran out of the CNE grounds as though she knew she was never going back.  We hopped into a cab and she excitedly stuck her head out the window probably thinking ‘What is going on?! Where am I?!’.  When I got her home she sussed the place out and then crashed on the couch as if she had been a staple in our home forever.

Sammie has had her challenges as a previously abused dog. She was extremely nervous around men – especially bigger men wearing hats.  She would bark ferociously (though she never attempted to bite or attack).  Her appearance was enough to make people cross the street when we walked her.  But eventually with lots of patience and TLC, she has come so far.  She is great with kids and people and super loving with other dogs. 

I don’t know what would have happened to Sammie had we not adopted her – but I do know this:  she has brought such a light to our household and is seriously the sweetest dog ever.  Her biggest vice is trying to sneak some dropped food from the table or quietly tearing up her duvet (yes she sleeps with a duvet)!

Since we have had Baby H, Sammie has been living with my parents – their huge yard and ability to walk her numerous times a day has worked out better for her.  When the topic was broached of having Sammie back…my parents said absolutely not! They have become so attached to her – she is now a huge part of their lives and brings them so much joy. They call her their granddaughter.

Second-Chance Sammie – you’ve given us so much love and life – we only hope to be able to continue the same for you! We heart you 🙂


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  1. I miss Sammie now!


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