Come And Knock On My Door…

Now that you’ve gotten the theme song for Three’s Company stuck in your noggin’…time for an update on the sleep training.

It is Day 4 of H’s *hopeful* journey towards better sleep.  Day 1 was actually not as bad as we anticipated…we all had no idea what we were in store for.  He cried. I cried. We questioned ourselves – were we being ‘bad parents’? Was this method going to work for him? Would he hate us in the morning?

H had one of the best sleeps he has had ever. In his 21 weeks, while cosleeping with me he would constatly toss and turn, wake for his paci 20-odd times, take up to 2 hours to go down. 

After night 1, in the morning he was happy and wanted to come to us – though not extra clingy which was my other big fear.

Day 2 proved to be much more challenging. Hubby said that Day 1 would have taken H by surprise and he was right. Night 2 was as though H knew what we were trying to do. He cried. Longer than Night 1 😦 Very discouraging and upsetting for us all but we stuck to our guns. He again had a great night sleep (aside: though daylight savings kind of messed everybody up especially when Hubby accidentally set one clock forward when it automatically did so on its own causing Stylinmommy to insanely turn all the lights on at 5:30am like some sort of sociopath thinking it was 6:30 am…FAIL!)

Day 3 was so far, our best experience.  Though he still cried (and Stylinmommy basically had a panic attack and almost decided to can the whole affair) he slept for the longest time with the least wakeups and woke up happy and rested the next morning. 

Having a camera set up so we could see him definitely made it easier since in between bouts of crying he would stop, smile, look around and seem completely normal. Not having that visual reassurance would have made me cave a thousand times over.

Anyhoo – the title of the post relates to our living situation.  Trying to sleep train while living in a condo is totally the pits.  Before this whole episode started Hubby and I agreed to just go for it – Explain what we were doing so they wouldn’t call the cops, buy the neighbours some earplugs and a giftcard and hope for the best.  We know we are doing what is right for our family and our child after having tried everything else.  Being cranky and dangerously exhausted parents and baby wasn’t helping anybody.

Having said that, when you have a Level 10 screamer of epic proportions on your hands, you really start to question if you have made the right choice and if your neighbours hate you. You wonder if you will find a hate note pinned to your door.  You lay awake not only distressed because of your child wailing but also because of the fact that you live mere meters away from others.

Well nobody knocked on our door…(we did hear some door slamming around 5am when H woke up and couldnt settle back to sleep)  But the whole sleep training experience is made all the more stressful and draining when you are super-conscious of being a pest to others.  

The one thing keeping us on track is that we *hope* after a few days/weeks of the torturous noise, everybody will be the better for it.

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