Gettin My Gourmet Groove On Ep. 2

nom nom

Coupla days ago, Hub took day off to do the pead visit with me so I had some time to make a dinner that was a tad more glam than usual.

sweet potater fries (oven baked w paprika/pepper/salt)

garlic aioli (I lie, it was mayo straight from the jar, don’t hate!)

wilted spinach (lemon juice, garlic, butter, nutmeg)

rosemary/garlic-oil infused lamb choppies

caramilized red onions w brown sugar

Verdict – I usually brown my choppies before throwing em in the oven.  This time I didn’t but they turned out a lovely medium-rare and quite tasty despite the worrying pasty/lacklustre appearance.  They were moist and the bajillion cloves of garlic I tossed into the mix added a great infusion of lip-smacking goodness.   Sweet tater fries were oven baked so not as greasy-good as regular fries but passable. I love me some spinach so that was a winner despite sitting on stove a bit longer than originally planned. Overall – pretty groovy meal.


2 Comments to “Gettin My Gourmet Groove On Ep. 2”

  1. Rattling nice build and ideal subject material, very little else we’d like : D.

  2. The pic doesn’t do it justice – it really was delicious!

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