Eye Candy Episode 2

image courtesy of Netaporter.com

I know what you’re thinking…skulls? Still? Really?

Try as I might to step away, I still enjoy a little swashbuckling motif here and there.

Years ago when V and I did a tradeshow in LA, I scooped up the most gorgeous little white-gold skull with ruby eyes earring during a shopping expedition  market research trip to Fred Segal. Just one perfect hint of luxe-toughness for my left ear.

I enjoyed it for oh, about 3 months, before the teensy bugger managed to escape me somehow and I’ve been on the lookout ever since for a suitable replacement.

Well, thanks to the trusty www.net-a-porter.com I can once again satisfy my haute-pirate fashion cravings.  Designer Illeana Makri has fashioned a sweet pair of white gold and diamond studs that I would looove to get my paws on. 

This week’s Eye Candy has me saying ‘Argh!’ in a good way! (haha cheesy I know) 

However, at $1290 I think I’ll hold off for now…that’s an awful lot of teething rings. 

Not to mention H would probably end up eating one and rummaging through a dirty diaper would probably ruin my mani 😉


One Comment to “Eye Candy Episode 2”

  1. oh man i totally remember that ‘research’ trip to fred segal haha… like our supplier meetings at the ivy and mr. chow… so sad when ruby eyes got lost… it was awesome (and compared to $1290 a complete and total BARGAIN!!!)

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