Where art thou, Ass?

ass-less chaps would have a hard time here 😦

A very touchy subject in today’s post.

So post-pregnancy, as I’m sure many of you mommas out there can relate, one of the main concerns (after getting over the fact you will never sleep 5 hours in a row again for awhile) is losing the baby weight.

For moi, this extra padding consisted of a whopping 48 lbs! That’s right, folks.  I gave birth to baby that was 10% of my pre-prego body weight – he needed all that insulation!

Anyhoo giving birth itself got rid of a pretty big portion of the weight (baby + …wait for it…worlds biggest placenta…sorry).  My few attempts at the gym have resulted in anxiety-ridden treadmill usage coupled with massive amounts of sweatage while H eyes me suspiciously from the stroller.  I’ve been lucky enough to get about 20 minutes in before he loses his interest in seeing Momma use the only two gym machines she knows how (treadmill and bike).  For the sake of other gym patrons I end up packing him up and doing a walk of shame out after barely getting my heartrate up.

The rest has kind of melted away due to daily lifting exercises – aka. carrying around a 20+lb 19 week old bub.  So yes I have definitely been lucky in that respect.

HOWEVER…I used to have an asset that I was quietly proud of. My ass. It used to kind of sit there really cute and fill out my jeans and add a little spice to my otherwise rather boyish figure.  As you can see in the image above…no such thing exists anymore! 

Where art thou, Ass?!  Did you cease to exist?  Did you relocate to my face (most likely)?  Do you enjoy filling that space around my waist?

I don’t know where you are but…please come back.  I’ll be nice to you I promise…no more afternoons spent cramming cookies into my gob.

Pretty please?


2 Comments to “Where art thou, Ass?”

  1. It’s only been 4.5 months since H left ur tummy – ur arse is coming back to shape; just have a little patience for once! You look fantastic!

  2. crazy! btw i heard same thing happened to heidi klum… she said she did squats / lunges up and down her assumingly massive driveway while holding her baby… cheap and equipment free… xoxox (ps you still look FANTASTIC, motherhood suits u!)

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